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Relaxed and slightly off the cuff attitude. For some of the time that the takhar site it is getting more of the due credit that it should But for a long time like that was that was kind of just Left on the side of things while you know has people at the conventions or whatever. We're kind of playing that. Yeah this is our thing and you know. This is all us so. I'm glad to see that that attitude has kind of shifted and now you know more acknowledgement to What the falcons hander. Putting into it too. That's one thing. I hope continues. Why the Online stuff the streams. continue just. because like there's definitely a different feel to the interactions and presentations with that than the in person events. Where if you're lucky you can get like mark webber experience every once in a while we stand around and talk about mostly nothing but also little bits and pieces of the toy design part of it and just have him completely off the rails. It was brilliant. I love that experience But a lot of it. Is you know the center there through the pr people and the people back at the home office to be very careful. How and what you talk about you know. There are a lot more like on a leash with how they interact with the fans so the mark webber experiences rare and most we. It's just like told the company line so like the streams don't seem to have that problem in the same way and i would like that attitude and feeling to continue now. Maybe for the reveal streams where. They're very obviously reading off. Scripts you know practice little war. I have no problem with reading off script. I do it all the time but just learning to stand. Were naturals pretty much. How do you get to mount. Saint hillary practice practice practice. Okay rage so it was allowed pedal. Hopefully there's a.

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