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Offers are subject to change without notice his livestream dot com forward slash radio for more information thanks for being here tonight at ten thirty traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks in Virginia twenty eight north bound has road work tonight between Braddock road and Westfield Boulevard to getting my single file to left and they are working on sixty six in several spots tonight on the westbound side you're not least read the left lane is blocked and that of course is the semi permanent work so that's been there for quite some time so be alert for that leaving the beltway but then when you get up past one twenty three near route fifty it is the left lane that gets by the works on and then in Manassas westbound after Sudley road exit forty seven you're getting my single file to the right on east on sixty six you've got some road work around Nutley street as well in fact starting at around one twenty three headed toward not only only a single lane is getting by they're they're also working as bound after route fifty and blocking the left lane on southbound three ninety five after Duke street it is the right lane blocked by road work in ninety five north bound before Dale city of the car rest area single left lane is off against by the works on there and in Maryland they are working westbound on route fifty beginning in route to Richie highway across the Severn river bridge getting my single file to the left and the next works on begins before seven for extending past about white also getting by single file to the left in a loop of the beltway and River Road two left lanes get by the works on you can however exit and enter and River Road from the inner loop obviously WTOP traffic cloudy skies and scattered showers tonight temperatures are in the low fifties this evening will be dropping down into the upper forties overnight pretty seasonal with light rain.

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