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Evidently it's totally okay to pay a governor or a state to have them send the national guard somewhere and this bothers me for so many reasons. I mean not just because the national guard can be deployed billionaires on a whim. But because i don't want the national guard being at the border which is where they were deployed to in the first place. Because i think we should have an open border and just let people come here if they want to come here. I mean i. It seems to me fairly straightforward that. I mean number one. If you're going to solve the border crisis the only way to do it is to get rid of the welfare state but in the meantime okay you haven't built anything there so you don't actually have a right to Anything that's that. Is this so called border. You've never you've never mixed your labor with nature. They're not climbing on your wall so leave him alone well. Evidently there is a fence there in some places but florida governor disentis announce last late last week that he's dispatching fifty law enforcement officers will his don't seem to have been the national guard interesting from his states to texas in order to help out at the. Us mexico border. The politics were hardly subtle says msnbc. The governor would not say what the officers mission would be or who would be paying for the excursion. But the y. Was obvious disentis wants to be able to tell. His party's base that he takes border issues. Seriously is appalling to me as horrifying to think that a billionaire can just throw money at a state and get the national guard deployed somewhere you this will make you look good. Politics have some money. It'll be interesting to see how this develops. Because i can't imagine that's a legal thing to do right. I mean. I assume it is or he wouldn't be doing it because You tend not to break the law publicly as a method of getting elected. Well time will tell. Someone has to challenge. The legality of privately funding a military mission is affront to civilian oversight of the armed forces military and oversight experts describing the move. A republican governor sending troops to a republican led state paid for by a republican donor. As likely unprecedented and unethical. I would argue..

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