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For most folks now this traffic a service of the. World famous fast air but there are still some delays, out there north county still, just a little, heavy past the inner belt through new floors and on eastbound seventy right now northbound. To seventy through the works on north of Dorsett again this little slowdown. There westbound seventy west of eight is e Stokes some congestion and sixty four out in Saint Charles county from three sixty four to seventy. That's still slow eastbound sixty four still has pockets of stop and go traffic east of Limburg maybe midway from there to McKnight on through Hanley than it opens up south one seventy, just kind of heavy in that. Left lane from the Parkway to sixty four olive at McKnight, they're working an. Accident there reporting debris in the. Right lane I'm not, seeing any backup though. Eastbound sixty four to seventy and westbound on Manchester it looks like we. Have an accident in. Your holidays You still. Have. A jam back to Baxter road. If you're on westbound Manchester right now on the ball one area are we whining. Down on the other drives Maria southbound two seventy. Five volume from Clayton to north of big band. And then again north east, and, westbound forty. Four. It's volume west of one. Forty one now eastbound forty four years before, Limburg due to, those two left lanes being down for roadwork. East of Limburg to just pass Big Ben and speaking of roadwork tonight at eight o'clock southbound fifty five one lane and southbound sixty seven exit and entrance ramps will. Be, closed for the next couple of weeks for roadwork as well how, about downtown Roger are we still have a jam on westbound sixty four west of the. King bridge round. The bend of the poplar southbound two fifty-five again roadwork delays still a jam south of fifty five seventy most of the way down to sixty four and where we. Had that earlier accident this afternoon in the Edwardsville area Alex that one to fifty five southbound. Is north one forty-three. There's still a GM from Hamill all. The way down into their area. That is a construction zone now the accident's cleared. Sodas just the road work that's holding you up there If you're twenty one and in the mood for cheap delicious food awesome entertainment and the coldest. Beer visit the legendary fast Eddie's Bon air in Alton Illinois for Maria Akina on Roger Brandon the steeple traffic center cable ex. News time six, ten that incidents on fifty five. And Illinois that Roger was just talking about injured in, Illinois state police trooper he's recovering after getting into that accident happened near Edwardsville in the one forty three construction zone police say both the trooper and the driver who hit him had to be extracted from their vehicles it appeared that the other driver who was taken to the hospital in critical condition had a. Medical emergency while driving? The trooper told first responders he hurt his neck the NTSB released its initial review of the digital video recorder system recovered from the. Duck, boat that sank last week on table rock lake the review from a video recorder on board the sunken duck boat revealed the crew discussed weather reports before the tour began. The report posted on the NTSB website says the water was. Calm and the duck boat winning around six fifty five pm but five. Minutes later Whitecaps appeared in. The winds increased and alarm, can be heard as water splashes inside the passengers Compartment the inward facing video ends thirteen minutes later as the vehicle was still on the surface the agency recovered in. ST card and a removable hard drive from the boats digital video recorder camera, system in the race, for Saint Louis county executive challenger Marc Vanni gets endorsed by the post-dispatch over incumbent Steve staying. This is Kevin Kelly in the post says it is picking montavani because the sixty four year old businessman would be less combative than steph's stinger. The post notes that. The county council and stinger have tangled over eight vetoes I I think I get along well with people live collaborative Peter I'm not bent. On coercing the only client to work with, people stinger has received endorsements. From the Saint Louis labor council the Saint Louis county police association and firefighters local six fifty five a big factor in the county executives races expected to be, the heavy. Turn-up union voters for proposition eight he's taking off the shirt Gary Weicker the former president of the Saint Louis police Officers association as agreed. To stop wearing the union t shirt while, he campaigns, for passage. Of prop egg the union told Gary Weicker to stop wearing a shirt with a union logo while. He. Speaks in favor of it, which is, tied to the so-called right to work Bill Well, you know I was proud at shirt house president for six years. I was proud of but you didn't make it look like maybe you know. You were representing them, still or they might not representing the police say it said retired and the. Shirts had retired on it, no it did not. The police associations calling on its members to vote no one property saying so-called right. To work, plan would be bad for unions, it's the worst drought Missouri has been through since twenty. Twelve and its impact is. Spreading came Alexis Brett bloom has an update national. Weather service hydrologist Mark few attended the first meeting of the newly appointed drought, assessment committee this week he says the Saint Louis area is fine, but pretty, much every part, of the state is suffering drought conditions to some, degree the ninety day departures from normal are pretty substantial when you look up through north central Missouri back toward the Kansas City area it's it's really getting dry into those areas and has been for you know like I said about three months as the drought worsens US senators Claire mccaskill and ROY blunt of, issued a bipartisan request to the agriculture department to release Conservation reserve program crops so that. Drought impacted farmers can feed. Their starving cattle the toy scout of pawn stars. Fame Joel McGhee is in town offering to buy old toys and collectibles from, people looking to downsize as cable wax arrived he was making an, offer to, buy a woman's, nineteen thirties Pinocchio marionnettes so on this one right, here I would do one hundred and fifty on him if you want to sell him Beautiful Yep.

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