President Trump, Joe Biden, George Herbert Walker Bush discussed on Arizona's Morning News


There is no no votes and no curation day, Joe Biden will become the 46 president, and we'll take off a soon under some of the most challenging circumstances in our nation's history. Katya Ers, Jim crosses live in Phoenix, Jeff and Valley political experts stand, Barnes says. What we're going to see this morning at the inauguration will be a surreal spectacle in American history. Almost no one there. Capitol Mall empty And no parade to the White House and no one president. Checking the hand of the other president. As transition of power happens now you'll hear the swearing in of Joe Biden is the next president of the United States as well as his inaugural speech. Live right here on Katie are our coverage begins at 9 30 this morning. Live in Phoenix. Jim Cross Katie, Our News and President elect Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris have arrived at the U. S. Capitol in advance of the inauguration ceremony. How different will today's Inauguration Day be compared to the past? Gordon James has been a part of four presidential inaugurations starting in 1989 with George Herbert Walker Bush. He also advised President Trump's inauguration in 2017 with the pandemic. They had cut back the number of people that would be able to attend in person so It's going to be a made for TV event comparing where we are today, Gordon tells the mic Broom head show. Bush was very gracious when he lost to Bill Clinton and they formed a lifetime friendship. He says he does not see President Trump and President elect Biden becoming friends. Former Arizona congressman Rick Renzi has been given a full pardon by President Trump. Renzi was sentenced to two years in federal prison and 2013 after being convicted of several crimes, including extortion, bribery and money laundering. He was among more than over 70 people pardoned by the outgoing president. Another 70 were issued computations now checking traffic. We had live to the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center where a light.

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