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Reality, your Lake Tahoe, Truckee fire chief Bill selene is walking through wooded neighborhood. Whereas department is thinning forests to create a fuels break you. Are you? I'm I'm still working on my pint. He's pleased to see folks out clearing pine needles from gutters. Brush around their houses, but it's not enough, if we've learned anything from the last two years, so we need to be more aggressive with fire prevention and the forest cleanup Truckee is banning most campfires charcoal barbecues this summer and in a first for the area every real estate transaction has to pass a wildfire defensible space inspection towns like Truckee worried. They could easily be the next paradise, especially this past week temperatures near the triple digits. Kirk siegler, NPR news. China is growing its population. It's connie. We've heard this before what you might not know. Is that within the next few years? China is predicted to become the largest theme park market on earth. Right ride manufacturers in the US are set to play a big role in that growth. But the US China trade war means tariffs on everything from soybeans to the parts for amusement rides. And some American. Companies are feeling squeezed. KU ers were Becca Ellis reports pretend you're bullet hanging out in the barrel of a gun, the triggers pulled. And then your hurled into the air turbo speed. The euro two eighty miles in two seconds, that's being on a roller coaster made by s worldwide is like these organ jumbling rides have turned the northern Utah company into one of the largest amusement ride manufacturers in the country. Earlier in mate, Preston perks executive director was overseeing roller coasters bound for bar, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and China in the center of the factory to massive white steel police part of a sixteen million dollar ride going up eastern, China's newest military themed amusement park sons, cultural park, soon truck will these police.

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