Grass Monti, Monte, Monty discussed on Sparkle Stories Podcast - 'Moose Makes a Wish' - from the So Many Fairies Original Audio Story Series


Now what had happened was that malindi granted his wish he was now small but he was much much much smaller than he wanted to be he was the size now of a small mouse the monster he adjust encountered was merely a snail the long leaves that shot into the air like trees were only blades of grass monti was small small indeed and he did not have much of a chance to look at this new environment before a real mouse came over to him and quickly said quick follow me and then a dashed off monte didn't hesitate but went galloping behind him malindi trotted lightly over the plants in tweaks to keep pace from time to time the mouse would look over his shoulder and frown at monte until it reached a rock wall which looked like the side of a mountain to monte and scurried into one of the holes monte followed and it took him to a cave with a soft marcy floor it was rather pretty monty had never been in a cave before he was always too big malindi hid behind a clot of sod by the entrance and watched she saw the mouse was eyeing monty then the mouse finally said you have very long legs and strange ears well said monti looking at himself those are antlers i'm a mousse moose said the mouse who then started laughing suck it sorry fella you are not in moose moves are the size of trees your not a mousse.

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