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Them causing too much of a delay not too. Many cars out there on the. Roads this morning I ten westbound at thirty five it's construction in two. Left lanes to eighty one northbound at northern boulevard a vehicle fire has. Slow traffic protein on both sides of the road I'm Dillon. Keller NewsRadio twelve hundred w Roofing dot com weather center Areas. Of rain will keep temperatures below average on the Sunday were scattered showers, and thunderstorms from. This morning The afternoon the high today will hit eighty eight degrees more rain is possible tonight the low seventy five partly cloudy warmer Monday with an. Isolated. Thunderstorm in Ninety-three I'm meteorologist Jeff marr from the. Weather Channel on San Antonio is official weather station NewsRadio twelve hundred w I These are among the stories we're following on a rainy Sunday on, NewsRadio twelve hundred w we're learning more about Richard. Russell the twenty nine year, old, Seattle Tacoma, airport baggage, handler who stole a plane Friday night and crashed it into an island in Puget Sound Russell told air. Controllers he learned to fly by watching video games and he apparently demonstrated enough knowledge of flight to get clearance from the tower, experts say preventing this sort of thing is not easy this individual when most with jobs like his already undergo background. Tracks one former official says there isn't a test that would prevent, this and he believes mental health needs a whole lot more attention Russell said on a blog. Post he liked his job with Alaska Airways because it allowed him to travel back to Alaska to see his, family Russell's family recalled him as a loving husband and son, activists, say Texas is at the tipping point of liberalizing the state's very strict marijuana. Laws it's the first of its kind Texas marijuana policy. Conference Advocates have scheduled a. Diverse group of speakers and federal, lawmakers faith-based, community we've, got policy expert professional athletes positions and current and former law enforcement to marijuana policy projects Heather Fawzia says. The goal is to preview some of the proposed legislation that's been gaining support penalties for low level marijuana possession making devil offence, rather than criminal we also are very passionate about allowing patients safe and legal access to medical cannabis at the capitol. Chris FOX News Radio twelve hundred w. o. a. i. outside the, White House today a massive police presence says white nationalist face off against counter protesters thousands of. People have gathered for the event which marks one years since the deadly white nationalist protests in Charlottesville Virginia many, people with exa have found their lives ruled by the condition, but, that's changing to wear long sleeves even to bed because of the itching and. The soreness Dr Annabel Garcia however dermatologists with Santeiro dermatology She says it's pretty common but very debilitating effects up to twenty percent of, children and. Up to three percent of adults there's more than thirty million people in the US living with. Exit however there, is.

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