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Frank Gore is on his way to canton four point one yards at a time and now very late in life for a running back. He continues his tour of the. Afc East he is now. Stugatz a New York jet. Congratulations you now. Have the one thousand year. Old Mummified remains of Frank Gore in your backfield as the New York jets have a backup to lake on bell. Congratulations Sir thank you very much. He's still has about three thousand yards to go to catch the catch Emmett Smith so we'll see but I I like that. I like having him as a guy can get you exactly three point four yards when you need it to come in for. Levian belt a little better than that I think is his career average but also during the break we learned. The Dana White is trying to set up on fight island a whore. Hey Moskva Vitol Conor McGregor fight at every point along the path. Dana White has has said that Moscow is too much for Conor McGregor too much size for Conor McGregor and he doesn't WanNa make the fight but the pandemic has changed the economics of the Games to Johnson that would be an enormous fight if those who fought and so he can. He can get quite a bit of money. I don't think there's a fight that he could set up off the top of my head. I don't think there's a bigger fight right. Now that he could set up in terms of just popularity and then of course that means it's do God's will be headed out to fight island. He is not cut his hair in many months. He will have his hair braided he will go into the corner. Stugotz that will be the highlight of your career. You have said before that you loved loved being on the stage during the way of the last. Maas Vidal fight. Yeah would you risk your life for the attention and fame and it will come from a headed to the octagon with Moscow during this fight the do you think that the UFC allowed me. Like I cut my hair and a while. Mike wants me to grow on. Could he wants me to grow their hair? He wants core rose. I'm walking Moss Vidal into the Octagon. I'll be in his corner of might do you think I'm going to be allowed to go to this. Ufc Island and participate here. Taxi back and forth with Moskva. Don I said you know I'm ready to go when you're ready to go what he said. We're getting ready to go tanzer question absolutely not which may have to wait to the next. Mas Vidal fight which means a hair is going to have to continue to grow but look if it means putting you on a plane during a deadly pandemic just to get this sight gag going. It's a risk. I'm willing to take. Thanks we've got a song about Chris. Cody we're GONNA play a later in this hour. And also to God's we have to make fun of the wishy-washiness of bj Armstrong. Not since I talked to marlins backup catcher Bob Natal. And he told me Dan off the record. Whitney Houston is overrated. Have Gotten a more tepid response to a question. I've asked then. Bj Armstrong's waffling around the game on the game. Between the eighty six Celtics and the ninety seven bulls he was you want to pick up that Bob NATO name you just grab that.

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