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M. newsroom here's JR rates this is WBZ CSM Sadie three. Degrees and, mostly sunny ground fishermen. Who are assigned at sea monitors by Noah. Will be eligible for reimbursement Noah fisheries announced today that they will be covering the full cost for. The c. monitoring. Program for the twentieth eighteen fishing gear the agency also said they'll reimburse ground fishing sectors, an additional twenty five percent of the monitoring costs, for the two thousand seventeen, fishing year, congressman, William, Keating says. The expense of the program will likely dwindle in, the future is result of recently passed legislation that, put him in in, the Magnuson Stevens Bill that passed the house to require that Noah begins to implement video monitoring because it's better it's more effective, and it saves money then that money. Was being paid by the fishermen, those monitors can cost up to four hundred dollars per day after an investigation. By New Bedford police narcotics unit. Detectives made an arrest on heroin trafficking charges last night thirty nine year old El dean Cologne of a cushion at, avenue Bedford was. Taken into custody Police say a heroin delivery service was being operated from. Colognes apartment that report finding more than fifty grams of heroin inside along with packaging materials digital scales ended amount of cash to. Women have been arrested in New Bedford drug charges after officers saw suspicious activity in the parking lot of a CBS on Kempton street narcotics. Detectives arrested old Rebecca, grace on charges of possession of oxycodone with intent to distribute police say grace was currently out on bail for domestic charge also arrested twenty nine year old Victoria Peterson of Fall River she is charged with possession of oxycodones please say. Peterson also as an outstanding warrant a mosquito carrying the West Nile virus has been found. In New Bedford mayor John Mitchell's office says they were informed. By the state health department the sample was detected from one taken from oak grove cemetery on. Parker street, in light of at. Bristol County, will conduct more ground spring in. The area of the cemetery As well as in. City parks the sprang will take place, in the, early hours of Thursday morning WBZ. News time is six zero five in sports the Red Sox make their final, stop in their three city road trip tonight at Philadelphia first pitch. Seven oh five the pre-game show on WBZ SM begins at six twenty forecast. For tonight a few showers better chance to be at the coast around seventy tomorrow partly sunny Mixed the Senate cloud whatever you wanna call it overall a dry day and a little less humid but still very warm though. Temperatures topping out in the mid to upper eighties for the ABC, six weather center I'm chief, meteorologist Jeff Bedford's news..

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