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He says i'm super sat in barest that those tweets came up. Definitely not the person who i am today. I was young childish immature. And that's exactly what those two. It's worse super immature. I've lived overseas the last two years. Obviously i've seen different things. And i've been around different cultures and people so a different person completely and you know i just wanna make sure everyone knows that in my heart i don't i don't ever really go out and try to make someone feel bad. I've grown so much. And i've always been super positive. They're apparently They contain offensive language and they are misogynistic few more headlines here tyler cameron just after recently admitting his Absolute love for his girlfriend camilla. They've split after eight months of dating and the headline reads. Their friends are surprised. This according to. I'm surprised too. Because i saw him like a week and a half ago on watch what happens with andy cohen and she was sitting next to matt in the audience and he called her out as his girlfriend. So like. i don't know. I wonder if like something. There was like one big fighter something happened. I'm not a year speculating. But apparently the store says to us weekly things were going well until they weren't so maybe i was right Friends were surprised at things ended so quickly And that's that's about all we got but they did un-filed each other on instagram. And she stopped keeping up with his brother on social media as well and it comes after two weeks two weeks after. He declared his love for her on watch. What happens. live big headline there. Well a couple more relationship headlines One is when the celebrate Vanessa gremaldi is celebrating her bachelorette party and It's something special. It looks like a lot of fun. Yeah it looks like a blast She says what night it was the best bachelorette party with the most loving kind and generous group of women. I'm so lucky to call friends. This is what life's about surrounding yourself with people who fuel your heart in seoul. I'm still smiling. So they don't give us the date to her and her fiancee's wedding. But i'm assuming it's coming up in the next couple of months. It is something to celebrate. Vanessa is a one of the great ones. Well also cassie randolph. Finally i guess but also makes her relationship public with brighton. Reinhard This on on instagram. And it's according to people. I know so on thursday. She shared a carousel photos and videos on instagram with her and her twenty five year. Old musician boyfriend brighton. hard And the caption said. Love exploring new places that i didn't even know were right in my backyard And then he responded saying love exploring new places with you very q. And this is something that people have. I guess kinda seeing coming for awhile. It been hanging out dating for awhile but they've not made instagram until now big deal for cassie ran off as she enters into a new season of life. With brighton reinhard. Well hey that's all the headlines. We have today except one last one that talks about your friends. Jade and tanner have moved into a new home and they've showed it off on instagram kind of teased..

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