Director General, President Trump, Moeller discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


A is under uh under ah soon to be an indictment for other things that have to go way back not around the election we will see what happens here i have a lot of confidence involved i look i want to ask you about that he was fbi director general you're on national security buzzer what is your tell me about him well and he came under the most difficult circumstances you know taking over that agency just a few months before nine eleven so under very difficult circumstances he is a terrific personally straight shooter uh i think he'll he will uh push to a conclusion i don't have any idea of what it will be i hope frankly it's over pretty soon because we need to get on with our business in by the i want to just go back to one thing about plus recruit uh david i think he loves the fact that were standing around about this that our heads were blowing off uh i would have preferred to say we know you did it and at a time of our choosing we will punish it and you won't do it again but we have confidence in our institutions and you can't affect our elections in the way that you think you're again does would send mixed signals president calls a hoax well the president should call it hopes let's just say that but the fact is we will get to the bottom of what happened i hope that there are people spending as much time trying to figure out exactly how the russians did what they buy agree with it night because that is really up should through so we can stop them the next time all of these attacks on moeller and his integrity do they bother you well because i know him personally and because i have high regard for him but you know when you step out there in the public eye people are going to criticize people are going to say they are going to call into question what you're doing.

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