Hanford, CNN, White House discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Situation especially after what happened today at hanford and we talked about in the last hour what happened at hanford was which is you know something to talk about more so than what's going on what's being slapped around by cnn and everybody else but we had a situation happen in my backyard not completely there i mean we had a we got about a hundred or two hundred miles separating me from hanford but hanford is one of the most toxic places on the planet and you know they're saying that if anything goes wrong unhappy it'll be our focus you in fact it already is our because she moved not archer noble if you wanna know hampered is our first atomic sin we we committed the first atomic since at hanford we released radiation into the surrounding areas during the green run this to see what people would do now they would react but today we had a problem at hanford i'm going to play you we the dispatch from hanford this is from today saying that the pure ex complex a tunnel at hanford caved in today well very very very very hard eric darnell her harlow nobody involve hardly how on following the incident today happened this morning following the incident manager send a message to workers telling them to secure ventilation your building and to refrain from eating or drinking the us department of energy activated some urgency operations center this morning following the collapse of some workers were reportedly told to evacuate while were told to shelter in places officials investigated the severity of the situation governor j instantly said in a statement that the white house was informed about the incident into the department of energy stated that a tunnel was breached and then tunnel was used to very radioactive waste production of plutonium at the hanford nuclear reservation is also said this quote this is a serious situation and insuring the safety of the workers and the community is the top priority the understanding is that the sight today went into immediate lock down we're workers were told to seek shelter and all access to the area would was closed no one could come in order to get out spokesman for the hanford site to during the live broadcast that the tunnel collapse was discovered by workers on patrolling the area.

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