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No mad goes out there, and the people that were used guns are not giving guns. No, not that got killed twelve people where on. You can't even do duty. No. That's why and is. Is of cardboard and you good. More motherfuckers. Crazy. I have more caller duty beefs. Trae are doing a good job with. Your shot to track. We had the Godia wards. Brandin the God who's it? Buck Rogers one book, it was good. Good Brandon guys like eleven from Brampton Canada. Why little guy needs? Oh shit. Oh shit baby. He looks like a young Russell Peters h prodigy. No. He's like he he really young. Yeah. People. Peter's knows his kids. Americans have your kids cannon chime in the families to is that it was that strictly was in the day. Let me know. Is it a secret family of only one person doesn't know? I mean, if your wallet knows, and you know, and they know. Oh, why does he wanna have to know about everyone's family? Why mind your business that your family? You don't have your own tickly here with them. Okay. Where this money is in Western Union too. Okay. Little baby. I'm like, okay, you can transfer that Antiguan money. Can you like Neagle love the show time show starts for the no? Powerful jeans. Shit actually ordered a barrel this week barrel. From Alenia seeping. Wow. Going to the Dominican Republic fully have. Have a. Gotta have barrels Amazon. No. But like they like they bring it a barrel. You take it. Okay. Nancy? I was like, oh, yeah. Do all that. Bring you the barrel, and then just be like ready, okay door. Yeah. This is the full Tim's. Like. Common with this legal hoodie all day like your. Oh, yes. The kids. Barrel. Marijuana love the experience. Don't be mad at me for doing good things her giving up here para super young kids. I'm like, I like the vibes. Like I have for everybody. Oh, man. Ios fucking forty degrees in New York. Bay was eighty degrees today, wasn't it. My buddy should be forty degrees in New York yesterday was nominally. That's, but that's why oh be called global woman. Changes. Ryobi who doesn't believe accommodate who does That's what I'm what saying. I'm saying. Like this people. Now, I need to see. Know what climate change one of those things like you, just gotta wait. Also, like he's got a week because we laugh we're going to be laughing at people when you gotta take canoed affording. Man. Everything is just covered in vines. You gotta put us scuba gear or go to century twenty one stupid snorkeling downstream. I know what it is learned. Gussie? I'm Pulo studios. Four wars. The front cover causing a security guard. Welcome to water studios milk anymore. Tablespoon of water. Real. And also do climate changes Eire's also denied that. There was like an ice age and shit like that. Because what proof? Do you have that? There was there. There was a whole documentary about it called ice age fucking Dicks. All right. Four parts with their with a little his little he quoted acorn fractured pan. Actually never saw that movie. I never saw. As for the kids. When I say he's gonna be late. I'll be right back. And then that and I forgot the entire movie. I mean. Have a lot of replay value. I'll give it to you. Find yourself watching a lotta movies like that that you just forget because they're like his do your kids not wanna watch ice age over and over and over. They they kids will wear because kids will watch the same shit over and over again like my three year old has watched the same sort of Pepe pig. Ten times. The one where first of all like you said before Pepe is mad rude and Subaru, and it's spreading to Georgia little brother. Yeah. She's like corrupting him 'cause he wanted they had, you know, the little grabby machines episode was they they weren't in the thing that we're using the little grabby machine and everything, and there was a what's a.

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