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A. M. until eleven AM the next walk is Saturday may thirty ninth so you might want to you might want to mark your calendar for that one I think I'm busy that they expose on the thirty ninth yeah I am free actually on the on may thirty ninth let me we call over and see what that was supposed to be oh man we can do a live Michael blow we haven't done that we have got to do this in a while because it might have been in the building and it's been a minute since my job's gotten to work the Mike radiators you just answer the phone Mike lay back and we'll do the rest big boys are you just pick it up say hello unzip we'll take care of the hard work hard work yes don't you do this to us much better answer we know you there you may hang up the phone nine he does this but he always goes back but I don't recognize the number we're calling to Florida one boy's message is seven two seven four it says that does that mean you've been forwarded what do you mean well I always wonder that it is could this could be a very stupid question they say that all the time yes okay right before you reach the micro radio blow you ready big guy early for it what you sent us the voicemail no I am driving and I was pulling out of the parking lot and I was trying to get off Bluetooth as well because I know how what a guy first things first what day of the week is may thirty ninth just so I can make sure Iraq is on a on Wednesday all right very good that's that's a son Wednesday so did we do you feel like we we covered everything accurately I got most of my information from the website yeah and it's also a big giant screen there in the studio but yet next Saturday and Mike is gonna help do it during her show on Saturday morning at o'clock why do we found out breaking news that Michael will not be doing the weekly check up this week is that true my god but I will be doing it next week okay during it that's may thirty ninth next week yeah yeah will there be a Michael radio show tomorrow forget about this mental health stuff let's get to the real nitty gritty of important stuff will there be a micro radio show hundred percent there will be a show tomorrow and I'm ecstatic well I did I read Twitter correctly in that the gorgeous and talented Chelsea is leaving the micro radio show sadly Chelsea left us a couple weeks ago with heavy hearts that we had to say goodbye to her the door is always open for her return but that you just want to do some bigger and better things I can't blame her for that she thought she is pretty incredible very charismatic and this definitely opens the door for her to be invited to a three added now that she is no longer a co worker one of the you know one of the only obstacles there was the fact that I my dad told me not to crap where you eat as a very young young boy do you your closer Mike how old is she Chelsea I want to save twenty eight home she's like nineteen so like twenty oh yeah I did I did I was way off on the twenty eight twenty she looks very young but she carries herself with the wisdom of of a much mature yeah sure one a lot of well if you call that was yes call and ask for days to wait what well then I will are very good friends in the city still be on the program or all of your females evacuating I know I'm like oh my many ex wife Denise please take around but yes she's all but out because of everything that's going on she still has to do it by the phone yeah erstwhile Corey cardinal has stepped in to help us with some co hosting duties because they have to not have that I have that balance everything out poppy which I want these jobs as a lot we get a lot of hobby here and I'll and I'll tell you Corey cardinal having been in this building with him for the better part of nine years one of those dudes who puts in the grunt work and doesn't get recognized a lot as a real hard **** worker who I don't think it's the credit he deserves around here and I hope you'll pass on to a how much we appreciate his video work and all of the the odd notice or so he thinks work that he does behind the scenes real good dude yeah really great you really like or a lot yeah for sure because that's a micro radio program tomorrow at two right here I want to two point five the bone correct I now feel laid back John and I'm like you don't have to participate because your eyes are just closely if you let your driving close your eyes and and here comes the mico radio blow ahead of the at the bottom part well one of the bottom part okay we are you know I always want the bottom should part but then I always get the shaft you see it in their area yeah thanks Mike thank you later we.

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