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Com. From NPR and W bur. It's here and now I'm Tanya. Mostly. A recent poll by the American Psychiatric Association shows that nearly two thirds of Americans feel more anxious than they did this time last year. Pandemic is heightened mental health problems nationwide, and some experts say this has led to an increase and drug overdoses, side effects Public media's Darien, Benson reports. With a Surgeon cove. In 19 cases, Illinois officials are urging people to stay home and other Midwest states such as Indiana and Iowa are adding restrictions to limit gatherings. That worries Brandon George, director of the Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition, He says restrictions might shut down recovery meetings for narcotics, Anonymous and other groups just like they did in the spring. We were lucky that with seasonal timing of the first round of shutdowns, a lot of the meetings a lot of meeting with other people is getting that cleared the connection. We were able to improvise and do that outside. And winter meeting outside might not be an option for people with substance use disorder, George says isolation can be deadly. We're finding less and less safe ways to be able to interact with folks and addiction is deadly. Alcoholism is deadly. For some people that might be the most deadliest peace, health care wise for the Closing down businesses and issuing stay at home orders hoped Combat Cove in 19, But George says that might have done more harm than good for those with substance use disorder. The solution for one pandemic was the opposite of the solution for the overdose crisis flush epidemic that we're having. Overdose rates are increasing nationwide and Indiana were overdoses started to go down in 2019 emergency departments. I sing a more than 80% rise this year. Overdose deaths increased more than 30% between January and May. The pandemic has made a lot of problems force, including depression and anxiety, and that means more people might be turning to drugs and alcohol. The technical term is called co Morbidity and Co morbidity means Patients have more than one condition, two conditions. That's Kurt Kronke, a researcher with the Recon Street Institute in Indianapolis. He says this is common in people with substance use disorder. They're a much greater risk of also suffering from depression, probably a third to half form or also have depression as well as their problem with copious heaven. Baron used drugs to cope with mental health problems. He's 23 lives and Fisher's a suburb just north of Indianapolis. It's kind of like a scapegoat from anything like whether it's anxiety, anger, anything you're going through. When you do it, you just feel completely numb. He says he got clean this year in May was the first time I was able to view with my life like a normal human being, would you know, actually being able to like deal with my anxiety, get a job and be a functioning member of society. But the pandemic has made it more of a struggle, and he still gets the urges that led him to drugs..

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