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Event well yeah they do they do the stretches that can affect one year I got to lead the stretching at the bridge to bridge wow yeah that's the year that everybody cramped up naturally when they asked me to do something I always assume somebody else's canceled your last job Billy blanks could make it that's the reason you need mark Thompson yeah that's fine I I told you that when they were doing when I was doing a weather at chron many many years ago when they're still NBC that's how long ago was but they I'll mention to you that they ask me to play on that and it was called the Crosby back then you know the eighteen to classic there at whatever they call it now I don't know you know at couple beach right and the reason I did is because my crew co canceled wow and they said Hey we we we need to we wonder if you'd be interested in and I of course I will I be interested I don't play golf so that's the problem is we don't know where you're in a younger with a pro you'll be okay as a no no I really I really don't play like I can't hit a pot unless there's you know like a monkey's hands that are moving back and forth and you have to get it to really listen to win the mail you know you have to get the golf ball through the wind bell I thought the only kind of golf as well but don't they play baseball yeah but I mean you have one you can't you know insult the event will be showing up although I did I will tell you I to before I call them back yeah as well let me think about it I think I asked Gary rad niche in office he was on the sports I said do you think I like it if I took two weeks of intense of golf lessons do you think I could get good enough to like just as you know as you say Brett like getting my ball close enough I will get to make it and he said no no you could not I think you'd be surprised a first time first couple couple times I'd learn how to golf thanks to my grandfather I did fairly well I mean it's when you start thinking too much about how you are swinging that day you know the yeah you you start getting into your motion is kind of what they do they talk about the same thing when they're teaching you any sport right like don't think too much about your tennis stroke right your call exactly try to keep the fluidity of what you're doing so if you think even driving if you think well you push your left foot pushes the clutch and then I pull the stick back nine on just you know you got to do it with the fluidity yeah I am the beer helps too well that always helps with lower today but I know you're right and here's one of the things we move on but when I think about golf is that it's just as Brett says it's so frustrating because one shot your Tiger Woods and the next shot your mark Thompson so one shot actually looks like wow I really got this and then the next shot goes into the woods you know right or into the water whatever show so did you ever take the gig I am no no I I turned it down I really thought I don't want to it was more I don't insult the event by just going there like you know me driving around taking a bunch of pictures it really would have been cool but I just thought you know that's really you're a total fraud you're not a golfer at all and I just didn't wanna I mean I I guess I could have played for laughs you know looking back on it but I I just I just felt as though I didn't wanna get but anyway it's like one of those things again that when it come to me unless another guy cancel so if I don't think you want next on the list to my crew cause pretty amazing yeah that was I was pretty great when Billy blanks cancels this year you will again be called upon to stretch for the of the bridge to bridge run how to help stretch the crowd Linda can Jana high yield to no man in my affections for Linda she is in Washington Westwood one's Capitol Hill correspondent and Linda cover first of all welcome I think I never thought it possible but there's actually some movement on gun legislation in Washington yeah yeah yeah it it is it is hard to wrap your mind around it but there is some serious discussion going on about a couple of approaches to deal with gun violence and you know as as is expected some disagreements on various approaches but so far they're dealing with the the bill called the we're a red flag bill that's a bipartisan effort right now that senator Lindsey Graham a Republican and senator Richard Blumenthal the Democrat have been working on it's not a done deal obviously Celestina be fully crafted but it would ban people from getting guns if they are red flag so to speak for instance if they are have a violent background if they have been adjudicated as mentally ill if they have a restraining order against them all of those things that would be a red flag them as people should now gone and so that seems to be one of many approaches right now it's going to have to be a piecemeal approach Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer called that bill a cop out if that's the only thing that they're going to be doing and he's in favor of universal background checks which is a bill that was passed by the house that has not come up in the Senate since February so there's still an effort to get that bill on the floor but none the less in her mental discussions and possible progress yeah I mean it is we've gotten sort of I don't know the sort of lukewarm versions of these things before we'll have to see if they cross the finish line I think one of the striking things is that if you look at this nation state by state which is often times we look at these gun laws you know California we are very tough gun laws New York has difficult you know it's it's it's it's much more difficult to get a gun there in New York and it is in some other states but many states really haven't done much so it's weird that you know there is pressure on the feds and yet the states haven't stepped up right and one of the aspects of this red flag bill is that it would be a state run program administered by the federal government in other words the federal government would give grant money to states that do in force red flag laws so it's sort of a federal state partnership so that may be gaining some some rob recognition especially among those who are federalist in other words they they want less government at the federal level more government at the state level I just feel as though these things have died at the state level so you almost need to pressure the feds to to step in in this instance but you're right a lot of the states that are are are well there the rest and they're also the ones where the gun issue has really been an intractable one for us for a long time they're also the ones that don't want the feds in their business right right right another interesting aspect about that is Texas is a is a state that has a lot of gun a lot of people are open carry a lot of people are concealed Kerry and and yet this horrific thing happened in Texas so more guns on the street don't necessarily lead to less gun violence they they don't deter so this is going to have to be a crafted response that it probably will have to be a a situation that is hand in hand approach between the state and the federal government and it's interesting because when you look at these red flag laws where they are like like Connecticut for example they don't always work or you would say certainly that some very high profile instances of them not working are notable like the guy who killed twenty six people at sandy hook I mean again they knew that the kid was of his was trouble was a troubled guy he would fall into the red flag category right but it also requires a family member or a person close to that to that of the person in question to to come forward to go to the local authorities to go to court it's not a snap decision it's something that takes time and so that's one of the reasons why a senator Chuck Schumer saying it's a cop out if that's the only thing they're going to do but it is something and maybe a piece meal of several different approaches put together into one comprehensive bill is the way I I just I guess we have to wait and see what happens gun licensing of blows and the buzz around assault rifle bands is that just a non starter in Washington these days it seems to be there's a lot of people who are saying there is no need to have a K. forty sevens automatic weapons like those on the streets there's a weapons of war and they do not belong in civilian society are there others are saying the first amendment protects the right to own guns and it doesn't weed out some guns over others so there's a lot of second amendment push back and so this is going to be one of those intractable situations but you know I I often say well maybe we've Mitch reached a tipping point and then of course it seems like with a tipping point has come and then it's gone and nothing's been done we give you you know exhibit a would be set the hook and then we had parkland and of course we had shootings in Vegas and now these dual shootings in Dayton Ohio and Paso Texas and finally it seems like people are said enough is enough all.

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