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Nobody even told me about it Peration but I didn't know it I don't, love you leaving at all Now, we don't hear what was said before and. We don't hear what we said after Right the only part they. Allow that she wants us to hear is the only part that's kind favorable to her now she's trying to claim that Trump is in mental declined to give an have. All his marbles that he soft. In, the head that he hasn't really run is administration the general Kelly runs his. Administration look I'm telling you as somebody who worked at the Washington Times for a decade I covered the Bush White House and the beginning of the Obama, White House chief of staff handles a lot of these personnel. Issues usually with the president not even knowing, about it because it's. Such a big staff if everything has to go through the president nothing will get. Done so the fact that Trump didn't know about it a is. Not a surprise, be he was probably relieved because he heard about how incompetent she was but to me the bigger issue is this how dare you secretly tape people behind, their backs and after you stand there and And praised the president while you worked at the White House you know if you heard this tape or this allegations of this tape why didn't you speak out at. The time why didn't you speak. Out, after when you left the White House you could have said you know he. Was a racist instead she praised them only one it turned out that she couldn't make money off of being a Trump supporter now all of a sudden, he's the most incompetent lying racist president we've ever had you. Wanna know the problem in Washington DC everybody's, trying to stick the. Knife into the president they will say and do anything for a book deal and. To get themselves millions of dollars and Omarosa is at the top. Of the list, my question to you do these tapes damage the president in terms of his public image and prestige and Omar Orosa secretly taping people in the White House should. She, be prosecuted especially for taping Kelly in the. Situation room six. One seven two six six sixty eight sixty eight is it. Time for her to go to jail your calls, next you already, know the news unemployment recently fell to.

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