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Join us for another segment here. The great stand up comic actor producer former professional boxer as well. Sean Kerrigan, thanks for hanging out with us or another second. How bands great, man? Was what I was watching some of your stand up the other night, one of the funniest things you do you said, and you're a guy who used to be married like me. You said you can always tell when somebody's married when they take a breath in. Been very by the amount of air second before they answer. Ten years. Ten ten years. It's like a year or two short ones. Yeah. Yeah. Sherwin. Oh my goodness. We were just talking during the break about you. You you kind of miss the window here mixed martial. Let's get fifty said you Russell than you could box. And yeah, I think you would have been a natural for that for the UFC. And you know, what I mean when I moved out here for when I moved out here. I had a buddy of mine who was who is fighting. And he was I mean, he was pushing to try to get me to do. And I would go down there. And I'd roll some of the guys at Beverly Hills, you jitsu, and and you know, it was something that intrigued me, but I I came out here to be an actor. And I I kind of had already spent all my time and putting all that road work in and spend all that time training. So I kinda kinda missed it. I kind of you know, when I moved out here at already had already kinda settled into the fact that I was gonna fight anymore. But that would have been it would have been. I think I would you know, the guys that are doing I think it would have done a right? But the guys that are doing it. Now our supreme athletes. I mean, guys like, I mean, you look at these guys right now, I mean, especially like Cobb, I mean Conor McGregor like all these guys that are doing this. And they're starting at a young age all the everyone that's doing their starting at a young age said the guys are they're doing and her father was a world class wrestler. Yeah. He grew up with you in a box and family. What what do you think about now? Habib and Floyd Mayweather, look like they're gonna fight serious. He fought Connor. And you you watch that as well as I did he carried corner for about five or six rounds. And then he okay I've had enough of that. Conor specialty is striking though wrestler. How's he going to box with Lloyd Mayweather this mismatch me? I don't see how that would be. I mean, he's really going to have to carry Khabib because I don't think could be is is the strike is a striker. Yeah. But the interesting thing about that fight with Conor McGregor. And and could be is. I don't understand after that first round after he got him down. I don't understand why Connors corner did not say, hey, you stay in the center of the octagon stay in the center of the octagon circle around don't get anywhere near that fence because his takedown defense in the center of the octagon when could shoot in he could because you can sprawling and get his hips back, and he can even prevent the takedown. It's wind could get you up against the against the fence with the chain link and everything, and you you can't get your hips back because you can't get your feet, right? And and that's where that's his specialty. And I don't understand the after after that first round. They didn't say, hey, you stay in the center that octagon you circle not octagon. You go sideways. You don't do not do not press him or or or get pressed up against that cage. It looked like Carter was a little off with the timing that whole fight. You know, he hit him some good shots. But he never got him flush right on the job. Like he did with Jose Aldo. Ain't no he's been partying and selling his whiskey his suits. And I guess you always want to go with a guy who's been fighting over a guy who hasn't been fighting. You you give a guy a check for eighty million dollars who hasn't been fighting against the hungry guy. Like, oh, babe. Who's not rich yet? He's he's he's gonna crush them. And now that why wouldn't they give Connor a tune-up play? Why would they don't think he wanted? What risk it? Yeah. I guess, but why wouldn't they have him fight Pettus and then compete fight for? And then and then and then have them had the winner of those fight each of it in a rematch. If he if he trained hard maybe has an interim fight gets the timing back. Could he win a rematch against the I, you know, if he hits you never know anything can happen in the sport. And and he he really improved himself when he when he went against D as the second time. And so I don't know. I think I think the one thing he would have to do is is I I would hope that he would not he would stay away from that that fence like stay away stay away from there away from the cage. He's he's got. He's got to stay in the center and just try to try to try to win the boxing match. And when you talk about guy, I want to ask you about. This will come up here. Euboea former heavyweight fighter Tyson fury and Deontay wilder. They're going to be plenty at staple center. I think in December for the heavyweight championship, and it's called the lineal champion against the current heavyweight champion. You don't when fury five Ladimir clips goal was three years ago in two thousand fifteen Hanson decides mugging stick and his chin out slapping running. I could see maybe fury do on that too wild or maybe ugly out a twelve round decision. But he hasn't been fighting. He had to come back. He hasn't been he's gonna get clipped and get knocked down there two guys. He fought were. You know, we're we're we're just, you know, there was just you know, average guys that were they weren't even this. I don't even think I think there were blown-up cruiserweights, they weren't even real true heavyweights. So it's gonna be interesting. I think I outlook I'm picking wilder to knock him out. I think I think he's gonna I think he's gonna he's gonna Lanson shots. And I think it'd be probably in the mid to late arounds. You know, I think I think I think Tyson will probably frustrate them a little bit at the beginning. But I pick and wilder. That's leads gonna get clipped, and then maybe wilder Anthony Joseph see this is why I volunteered now to be Commissioner boxing boxing needs a Commissioner. A tough one man you guys will fly I would assign you've and you've got thirty days to sign to fight you two guys because the best fights in boxing, never happened. That may weather in pacu. We we waited eight years. Long. I'd say you've got thirty days to make this happen. If it doesn't happen. Both your license suspended. How'd you like not making any money? That'll make a fight happened. Right. Yeah. What do you think about Floyd in his early forties? And I'm of the opinion here. I think Floyd's very lucky to have come around in the era that he did here Sugar Ray, Leonard Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran Aaron Pryor, I think he loses to all those guys came around and my right ear came around in the right area when he calls himself the greatest ever come on. I mean, look those guys were different. It was it was just a different time. There was one championship. There wasn't all these different championships. So everybody had to fight each other examine those guys came up. They came apart. You know? I mean, you look at you look at that that that first round between Hearns in. Oh, one of the greatest. What are the greatest? I broke his right hand in round. God guys. I mean, they're just killing each other. They came they came out with bad intentions back then and you Don King and Bob Arum back in the day. They hated each other's guts. But if they could make a buck they'd make a fight they would work together. Yeah. That's what we don't see with HBO. And so time with the different promoters. They won't they if you're not in in a certain camp, these fights don't get made. It's ridiculous. Yeah. Not only that. But I think they also, you know, a lot a lot of these promoters really wanted they protect their fighters a lot, you know. And they smart business move because you don't want guys in you don't wanna get you wanna keep making money with these fighters. So especially if they're if they're a fan draw these fighters are so yeah, I don't. You know, I don't know what's going on with this Puerto box. I think you, and I were talking off affairs. You know? I think a lot of the there's been a hit to the youth programs in in the United traveling teams clubs in every city. Yeah. I grew up. I grew up fighting in those police athletic league gyms down in Miami. You know, and and I fought it Hadley park Clemente park Gibson park. All these these these great police athletic league gyms there were there for, you know, for for for us to get us off the streets and get them. Getting all the great trainers have passed on as well. That's another problem. The guys today aren't taskmasters. Don't teach the skill the way the old guys did. Yeah. It's overlooking. You're going to the World Series. They brought in Clayton Kershaw to close in the ninth inning. Yeah. Man. There we go. So what's the what's your prediction for the World Series? Now who is in and how many games, look, I look I'm definitely rooting for the dodgers and very worried about the Red Sox. I can't you know. I mean, I'm obviously rooting for rooting for the dodgers. I, unfortunately, I'm worried that the Red Sox might be a little bit too good. So, but we'll see Sean Kerrigan the great stand up comedian one of the funniest men in the world. Can you stick around? Are you going to go, man? He's gotta hang out here that Jim Nelson. See, that's that's how you set out. You're making a fool out of yourself up and up and down back there. The producer engineer Jim Nelson. Going to the World Series. That's right. What do you mean? We I didn't see you out there. We are.

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