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Let's go ahead and get into a couple of reviews right now and the first review was go knockout get that out the rick quickly because this is the is a movie called while i can't even remember what this all iit's you yeah and this is a movie where blake lively she plays the blind woman she was in a rick longo in horrible rick healed appearance and on top of that caused her to lose her eyesight now you're the trail again remember now in let me see here oh is jason clark plays a husband now that's right everything was fine everything's going well they loved each other than one day she got her sight back in told her husband like wow this is amazing a lot this i can see you got married yeah you'll that's what it was like you know the the the the the guy walks out the room she calls a nurse i'm a mary that's shit talk nobody tell me i will slum in it are mere rocky dennis well earth really as a man of really isn't about personality is is compounded by the fact that she's actually married to ryan reynolds is like i am not given this last night bags of we've got an iq pitches as a thriller they really do they're like it it is what did you were given a wonderful gift but that gift also happen to be somewhat of a curse let's go into look at the trailer and we will be back with my lonely oh review.

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