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Did they know what amounts in Minnesota you know from when the first goes on to win the furnace goes off a lot of it has to do with the humidity that it makes dogs A. T. as to what we're gonna do is get humidity in your house get a humidifier and get that legal up to at least forty percent humidity in the house will really help all right okay okay don't all right you're ready or would work but my aquarium Boyd has been I got fifty five gallon aquarium I just filled up to the top five days ago I am already two inches down that's how much is evaporated into the house you don't know what I what whatever so this so so that is good okay the krill oil you might want to bump that up you might want to try extra virgin coconut oil because the facts and that also is good you know for the culture and such and extroversion coconut oils one teaspoon per time ten pounds of body weight but now what's gonna remember is above seventy six seventy eight degrees it's liquid and below that it's solid and I was C. solid it is different when you see a teaspoon of solid than a teaspoon of liquid right as saying that you got to pay and you gotta go very slowly you want to build like two and a half weeks of what you're gonna initially give the dog per day all right because otherwise if you go too fast to the coconut oil given the runs still it would you recommend you have an independent locally building up that coconut oil I need to like one day you could do on a piece of the set out once today you know maybe start out with like a like a just a eighth of a teaspoon and then a half a teaspoon and then go to cavities one twice a day it'll be so distant make sure you write it down so you don't forget where your act yeah that's the main thing but it would be okay to the level of the house as he was saying given some more vegetables I found with my dogs of hell green.

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