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The worst tv show ever bridge deuce i mean that might be worse bad once you know even worse than that but that you know his won't wing down there at the bottom i mean i guess it's okay as a stick on ah late night tv show but i don't know car pool carry okay i can't even say a fivetimes fast right so before we talk about what they might be doing the steven spielberg which seems like it might be a deal do disagree before we go on the care car pro kariuki so now the steven the steven spielberg deal uh well i mean you know allan stewart hasn't had a hidden while but a a you know they're definitely aiming higher up with that so i mean it's better than a you know that the kind of crap they've been releasing so far atlanta the apsin carpool kariuki every member here to visit other ten seeing the part of tv movie producers when they run out of ideas you reboot said of course we have the new star trek movies where they go into an alternate 'timeline over the years they've tried to make movies of tv shows in addition to star trek so they did ice by with eddy merckx fee doing the bill cosby part it was a lousy film really really bad and forgetting the various and sundry problems that bill cosby has now i've spy wisday trendsetting film because it was the first scripted drama with an african american in one of the lead roles just think back in the 1960s how important vet was forgetting bill cosby's problems for a moment and some of those movies do well but more often than not they take the original concept like the a team i guess that did half decently and they come up with something were they a exaggerate the.

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