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A Turkish court has rejected an appeal for US pastor Andrew brunson's released from house detention Washington kept putting on the pressure but did not give in. For a third time a Turkish courts ruled the American pastor Andrew Branston could not be. Released and sent home his lawyer said he would be appealing against the ruling in a tweet. Posted earlier today President Trump called Mr. Brunson a great patriot hostage. He. Doubled tariffs on imports of Turkey steel and aluminium last week sending Turkish lira toy record Lull Washington repeatedly. Warned that Turkey could face further. Sanctions if Mr. Bronson was not, released VC correspondent ceiling Jared reporting the Trump administration. Ends funding for serious stabilization projects as. It moves to extricate itself from the conflict the. Cut in funding will be more than offset by increased contributions from coalition partners including Saudi. Arabia two hundred thirty million, dollars plan for Syria. Will be shifted to other areas he was in analysis at townhall dot com I'm Keith Peters Excavators have started clearing large sections, of the collapsed highway bridge and the Italian city of Genoa searching for people still missing three days. After the deadly accident this entered a new phase is heavy equipment removed a large vertical section clearing a new. Area to probe rescues have been tunneling through tons of giant steel concrete and crushed. Vehicles the plunge as many as one hundred fifty feet when the bridge suddenly fell during a downpour officials say thirty. Eight, people confirmed killed and fifteen injured prosecutors say ten to twenty people might be unaccounted. For and the, death toll. Is still expected to rise I'm Zaria Shockley the owner of a Tennessee meat packing plant where a. Federal immigration raid took more than ninety people into custody has agreed to plead guilty, to employing unauthorized, immigrants news outlets report James Brantley also agreed to plead guilty to tax evasion. And wire fraud more on these stories at. Townhall dot com Good news you are not stuck. With your healthcare plan really, you, have a choice and. It's a, great, one it's called share, and, if, you've, heard about it and wondered what exactly it is it's a way that people share their health care bills and these are people who have a common faith who. Want to be part of something beautiful that not. Only meets their healthcare, needs but the needs of others to and it's.

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