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Not going to give you an answer as to who killed The Notorious BIG because we don't know it's kind of going to give you its theories. It's kind of going to give you it's sort of like information as to log Who was involved you heard the main players were in particular? There was a scandal that happened in the nineties in the late nineties with the Rampart Division. So the rampart Rampart was a division within the LAPD and it was a bunch of corrupt police officers who actually robbed banks and killed people and it was actually really bad. Yeah. Well their best show around it took hold the shield. Sorry Michael Chiklis like that was literally based off Rampart. They kind of like tie in like how what like what what ramp had had to do with the death of the meritorious big it's a good movie like, you know, like it is actually a a solid film. It doesn't really have a lot to say though, like, you know, like I'm more interested in the character of Russell Poole wage. Then I am then I am the actual story cuz I think I think this is actually a really good performance by Johnny Depp like, I mean, he's solid dude, like and I iron rush to Johnny Depp's. Hey, you know wage Never paid so he's a good actor. I think his best role is probably Jacksboro. Like I don't think he's the greatest actor of all time. I don't know how he's famous. But I'm just you know, whatever he thought whatever he died a bloody death in nightmares. That's it. Like like, you know, I guess just it's an okay movie. It doesn't give you any answers or anything. It's it's it's fine. I don't know again. I don't know why they're delighted and I don't know why they decided to relate to right now. It's there's nothing very memorable about the way it's shot. Oh the way it's scored. It's more the interplay between Johnny Depp and Black Forest Whitaker that you're kind of they're four and you know, like just whatever theories the movies going to kind of give you as to how the Notorious BIG was murdered. You know, it does. Like I said, it does factor into packs wage kind of like murder as well in Las Vegas, but it's more interested in than Taurus by Jays. It's yeah it it from that angle if you're interested in it. It's an interesting watch and it's it's in our way. It's wrong. Play as terrible as I guess the delays make it seem to be because I remember talking about this trailer a long time ago. We talked about a while ago. I remember what it was but I watched another movie I begin to park cuz it's like a million of them and I remember watching it and then like the next week the trailer for this drop. Yeah. I'm like, oh, I'd love to see that and find you watch that offer exclusive. I'm pretty sure I kind of wrote called unsolved or something. I didn't realize it was like fuck you better than me rocker. But yeah, so it's it's good. They're like check it out. I think maybe maybe kind of wait for it to come to streaming during rush hour to go to the movies running for it's it's fine. It's okay following review. Let's move on ladies and gentlemen get you a g a scamming is hope they're ready because we're going to talk about Borat subsequent movie film. I release movie so much more out the great shame to cut off. But now I was instructed to carry out secret mission off, but they say no it's not made people make recognize my face. I would need disguises this fantastic screw off almost sixteen when I will take this to me yesterday to like American man. Yeah. This is a good run from what are your thoughts on the new Borat doesn't live up to the hype. I mean there wasn't much hype. I mean, like I said earlier when your family found out about this movie a month ago, right? I mean like, you know, it's not wage. I didn't think there's there's like it's it's it's kind of like I've been waiting since 2006 of this movie. I don't think that's kind of like a thing like, you know, it's it's good. It's actually really good. I thought I think wage I think my positives are going to be your negative which is like actually run really curious. No idea what I got some out their thoughts. I'm going to fly. I think I'm Sharon Cohen quite clearly has a political agenda and it's not like that is not a it's not a negative because he's he's kind of put it on Front Street like, you know, like he's he very quietly on social media and press it in press conferences. Like, you know what you're getting yourself into when you're watching Borat and especially this poor at it is using comedy as a way to expose the dark the deep deep deep dark recesses of American culture and it's always been like that really he's always been like that but like a here is kind of like hiding because you know, the movie ends with vote now or you will be execute them. And you know, I think I think that's the kind of gist of it. Right like, you know, like this is this like, you know, we kind of like guessed it, you know considering that Amazon is releasing this just days before wage. Action, so we kind of like had a had a feeling that it was going to be a somewhat incendiary film and it was in San Diego because the day that I came out we heard about the Giuliani thing, you know, that's all it was all over the press. It was all over the years and then I sat down and watched it and that Giuliani thing is wild like decide lace and you know like it is it's just a moment in the film that will make you feel uncomfortable. But I think this movie is intentionally made to feel people uncomfortable. I've read some reviews and you know, there's a like we actually show know, like the guy that we had on for cinemablend, you know, like for like he was talking about on this podcast. He's like I watched the movie my cousin. He's a Critic right? So he's talking about his review and he's like I watch the movie and then like I checked the item day to say what filming locations they were and it was filmed in South Dakota, which is where he is, you know, he's just like he's just like man like this is this made me feel so uncomfortable dog. In the best way possible because it's all unfiltered and true and I'm just like yeah, I guess you know, if I was living in the United States, I would feel uncomfortable as well. If someone were to make a film like this in Australia and exposing the deep dark recesses of Australia and you know, the racial racial issues that we have because we do have them and the I guess the the issues that we have and things like that it would make us feel uncomfortable and I think this is going to have a scene where we take what's the name Pauline Hanson to a very similar situation has exactly so I think this is a solid movie. I think it's I think it's hilarious at points. I think the Mike Pence moment was absolutely wild wage. I will like Mike Pence will forever haunt my dreams because just that Death Stare that he gives like Borat dude like as he is like standing on the podium that is horrifying but dead. I think it's a solid movie and I do want to shout out the actress that plays Borat daughter. I think she was great man, like, you know to to hold your own against Sacha Baron Cohen, but not only that in a movie where people are coming for Bora like people are not coming for the daughter. They're coming for Borat and to kind of like take over mostly take-out concept of like the conversation because she's an actress. She's an amazing actress Maria bakalova is her name. She is emotionally has an emotional call like you know, she is off the way a character is written is really deep and I was not expecting it like this is supposed to be a fucking gross-out comedy and it's just not it's just it didn't totally had no right to be as deep as it did and it just killed it. I just want to point out the like, you know, he came being responsible for Coronavirus was was a truce earn would be hilarious dog. Yeah, and and also, I'm pretty sure that's actually him talking to Tom Hanks. Yeah, granted it in front of like a green screen. But Tom Hanks like did that interview with him off the bat so good. I loved it. But actually I love this movie. I will be watching it again. I watched the original couple of days before as well just to kind of refresh myself. Yeah..

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