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To the NBA. We have an all star break of our own. It's almost like spring break. Ainley Dan, Patrick. He's not here. Something's missing. But billion in a de ngelo Russell if you will replacing Dan Patrick come on. We didn't come to the game to see that Doug godly and Bill Gates. Good morning to you. The legend Bill Paschke. I'm just Doug Gottlieb. Diangelo Russel I liked that. There's a little de ngelo. Russell. He's got a great here. I'll start an advocate. Empty empty points hanging out guy Lakers. Actually, don't miss him. We can get into that discussion. If you want brought to you by AM driving performance. Well, there's a bunch to get to Bill. I actually think that maybe get to know. Well, I like capture Nick is being is being a jerk. No, no. I I want to get to want to get to Kenny G, and whether or not you thought it was a baller move for forced recon Kanye to hire. Kenny, gee, why would soom higher? Kenny G to come over and play a couple of songs or Kim Kardashian Restante Kaepernick, and Kenny G you in the same sentence. Thank you for that. And then of course, you've got the Anthony Davis discussion which his own current head coach called a dumpster fire last night after the pelicans end up beating the Oklahoma City thunder. And oh, yeah. By the way. There's there's the video of in the in the first half. Anthony, Davis blocks the shot, or this is horrible may have hurt his shoulder, and then gets into a gets an X Ray or MRI. And then leaves the building goes home doesn't come back. The video was him leaving the building with Richard Paul with rich. Paul escort him out of the building. Just like he escorted them trying to escort him away. From the pelicans, the optics were not good on that Rich Paul has done nothing. That makes any sense the last month that would make one thing that he knew what he was doing. Okay. You know what? I mean. Let's we'll start there. Let let let's start there because I do think that a lot of the a lot of all of these stories you bring in your own inherent bias. And I think it's I think it's only fair to live when you when when people parachute in everyone knows, Dan and the danettes and kind of if you listen to the Dan Patrick show, you kind of know where they stand on different topics because they've been around forever. But I don't think people know is for example, your before the Anthony Davis for the Colin Kaepernick before for these stories that we have today in the Colin Kaepernick story is reportedly asked for twenty million dollars to play in the af reveal said he. Actually asked for a bunch more that story just he he he just dropped. But we'll get to that. We'll get to that upcoming. Let me start with Anthony Davis. So you go back a couple of weeks ago, actually, go back a month ago month and a half ago. And there started to be kind of leaks about Anthony Davis. Wanting to be a Laker being ripped by Rich, Paul and the fact that he wouldn't sign that the two hundred forty million dollars extension. Go back a couple of weeks ago. And now the sudden there's all kinds of stories out there. Your reaction at that moment was what my first reaction was. I thought Rich Paul by coming out and saying that Anthony Davis wasn't gonna play with the pelicans put everybody in a difficult situation. My second reaction is an LA times. Sports. Columnist was go get a magic go get him. So I was on both sides of the thing. But I do think that I was stunned because we've never seen this before we've never seen an agent and actual somebody on the record not a source not some Twitter bomb, but an actual rely rely person speaking saying my guys not gonna play there, you might as well get rid of him. And I thought that put everybody in a difficult position, but Lita pelicans. And so that was my bias was Rich Paul was Trump was really trying to power play their boy this better work. I think the entire thing was a power play. I think they've tried to power play with Luke. I think they've tried to power play or did were Jeanie Buss shut that down. It's the coup d'etat. And so the like look this is by the way, this is what Phil Jackson said. What happens with the Brian James? You may not have liked the word posse. But this is what he warned you of why I don't like to wear posse. I mean, I call him why? Because these guys are brilliant businessmen. They are. That's what's so stunning. I Rich Paul acted so foolishly these these are his business. I thought he's brilliant brilliant businessman. Well, you just said, he's a brilliant Brightman screwed up. He's he overplayed he's nine years has been. I think he's hide. Lebron James is a Billy is a billionaire. I agree. Look LeBron James is an unbelievable brand. And he has done. He has done some amazing things brand got to be where it was because he's a great place or not a pasta. These guys were business associates of is these guys are smart business associates of his they're not bigger than the Lakers, which they found out this week. What's that? You're like giving him credit for like LeBron James look money makes money, and is is we've seen lose lose everything or be worth look. I again, I agree with you in that LeBron has handled himself. There's never been an there's never been anything off the basketball floor to derail his nothing. Right. And that is and then he's been with a couple of exceptions on the basketball court remarkably successful. But like, I don't think it's because of the advice of Rich, Paul. I don't understand the idea. Like, why is he this is a little bit of the Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson gets credit for being a billion businessman like is. He yes, actually, he is. Or is he because he's Magic Johnson. No, this if that worked and how come eighty percent NFL players were Bank robbers after their careers, Ortho. No that doesn't it doesn't always go hand in hand, you know, as well as I do. Businessman. Hold on is is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar brilliant guy. Absolutely. Okay. He lose all his he lose all his money. I think he he lost all his money. Got it. All back Niang it all back. He lost. There's career at one time lost all his money because he was with a financial advisor only. Okay. So then LeBron James doesn't lose money because with financial people who are smart, and you're not giving them credit. The Rich Paul is not a financial guy. He doesn't. But they're they're all involved in that. No, I. I'm not a big fan and LeBron right now. Okay. And I've been on record saying that. But you've got to give credit to his business associates his business. His brand is unbelievable. I ag-. I agree. But but having guys and look part of it is to some people posses a loaded word. It is me. It's not it's just not posses a group positive Jackson used it deroga-. He he knew what he was doing. He said, I know Phil Phil's another smart guy. Right. This is that's all news. But he knew what he's doing. He said it. Okay. But he's he's not wrong. They they come in. And they hijacked the process. That's what they do. And they all they enrich the process. Look what he's done I understand. But they hijack who. Well, I mean look at what? What happened in Cleveland? Like, look if we really want to look at Cleveland was it a success because they one. Yes. Yes. Yes. It was. But but hold on they they had they had Kyrie Irving not yet in his prime. They went out and traded the number one pick because they tanked to get Kevin love they won an NBA championship. And what happened afterwards it? What happened afterwards was is what always championship? No, no. It doesn't always happen. Not not right away. The Brown James wanted to trade for Chris Paul because he's his buddy. And you know, the LeBron James wasn't. You know, wasn't happy with how he was coach. He's never happy with how he's coached. And they. Lebron jeans brilliant business associate Rich, Paul got got Tristan Thompson and JR Smith his clients overpaid. But that locked up the Cleveland cavalier take back to the NBA finals again. Yeah. Of course, they. Would take that in a heartbeat. I understand but they're in the eastern. You don't think boss? You don't think Boston was in Boston was inferior to last year when they beat them in the game. Oh, absolutely. I told you this really beat him in the Boston Garden, they didn't have Kyrie Irving or do. You know, the starting. What was the starting lineup for the Boston Celtics in that game? Like, we make it out. Like there was some miracle that Cleveland one they had LeBron and Kevin love and they came to the night. But I'm just saying you can't say LeBron just destroy Cleveland. Yes. He did let how did he win a championship there? I did. I'll take you know, he he can destroy LA. All you went to the championship. Here a championship. What what are you talking about? Well, why are we playing anything beyond that beyond the ring? It's about the ring. Well, it's it is is about the ring. But but at at what cost at what price paradise. That's that's really the question there is paradise Cleveland in paradise us that the same the same thought. That's that's makes it worth it. Well, look, my my thing has always been I do think the I think there's a lot. There's there's way more good than there is bad with LeBron. And with his guys you want to say his crew, that's fine. Recruiter is bad. No, it's dad. Yes. It is Bill. Just stop it. Stop being that guy that you want to use every word and make it some negative connotation crew group of guys how you roll your all deep. You have you Jeff Bezos has a crew. Yes. You think Howard short as a crew they have a business associates. I. We have a team, but they have up saying you don't use those words for Jeff Bezos. I've never heard anybody Basil's in his crew rolling in here to the Amazon business a boardroom. No, you no, you don't. Of course, you do if you haven't crew you say his team unless I have his team his group of business associates there. Okay. So. There homeys. That's there's no it doesn't have to be. If you wanna take every word and make it in. But this is do, but this is a do you become the guy who's who's who's who's everything is not offensive? It's just not K. There's no offensiveness to it. Rich Paul did not have. He's he's mishandling this thing. Because he thinks he's more powerful than he really is. That's pretty obvious. And he's. The only powerful because his best friend is LeBron James. That's it. He's not powerful in on its himself. He's powerful you. Lebron James would have dumped him if he thought he wouldn't do too many good now because the Brian James is super loyal because they they are they are that close of friends. That's one of the good things about the brunch. Lebron James smart. I don't know that he could on his own do what he's built without his team. I just don't know. He could have done it. Absolutely could have done. I absolutely. I don't I don't think. Okay. So look the point here on that one. The the point is Bill Plaski Doug Gottlieb in for Dan and the danettes, but Richard this was a power play. Correct. Correct. And so far it has failed miserably. And so we're left with take a listen to this comment. This is Alvin gentry who by the way, and you can tell me if I'm wrong as respected a guy as there is in the NBA, maybe not the greatest head coach in the world, but respected a guy. Apparently, I love avenue a the clippers. I love. The media loves the fans love me as I would say, he's among the top ten most respected people of any the NBA. Okay. Absolutely. Let's let's see if he's happy with Rich Paul to tell.

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