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The home team. Call KOA NewsRadio. Well, the Rockies back into the postseason in divisional play for the first time in nine years taking on the brewers here. And it was a match up of the Milwaukee bullpen against Antonio sends. A Tele Antonio got the first two outs easily in the first inning gave up a base it Ryan Braun, and then a walk and a rather crazy play that turned out to work for the Rockies to end the inning right on right for Senate. Tell the pitch to our that gets away. Bronze going to try and score to the plate. And he is out. So the Iraqis escaped damage there. But in the third inning with one out, Lorenzo Cain. Drew a walk on a three to pitch against dantonio sends it tell and the likely National League MVP Christian yelich shit. The next ball four hundred thirteen feet delivered center field in the Rockies were down two to nothing, but they kind of hung around. They didn't get a hit until the fifth in England. Carlos Gonzales tripled, the brewer is had some threats going in. How about this action from a twenty nine year old rookie you hadn't even been into the big leagues until less than four weeks ago? Right hander DJ Johnson. Three.

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