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People have been very ready to volunteer to test. This and so the vaccine has gone through much quicker than it would usually because they've had the is gone through all of the same tests. There's no doubt that this vaccine is safe otherwise they wouldn't be giving it to everybody. You're not going to grow three is you're not gonna lose a toe or your children are not gonna grow up speaking cantonese unless born in that part of china than stay the fuck maxine this people that dedicate their lives to certain things and they are more intelligent than you on certain things than prime example of it. Sometimes you shaft go except that this is beyond your scope and knowledge and your understanding and go. Maybe they got this home right. Maybe if you put billions of pounds or something. Maybe they know what they're doing potentially potentially maybe yeah just a little bit. I mean obviously recorded that episode. Like i said at the start before lockdown to had happened. Now we're well and truly out of lockdown to. We are back in the madness of christmas shopping and getting ready for that. Have you been out joe. If you've seen the madness of the high streets in the last few weeks person. I've not seen in person. Them pre kind of glad really. I've seen a lot pitches. I've seen linden scene shopping centers. i've certainly heard of shopping. Centers have been absolute mayhem. I mean i've been in shopping centers. I've seen it first. Hand is absolute carnage. Wouldn't even recognize as we've just come out of a lockdown as tons of people there and it is quite scary I've come up with a new tactic for making people say she'll distance around me and it's proved pretty successful. This fantastic listeners. By the way this is revolution. Yeah i discovered it today was.

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