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Dr Ralph Northam, and I approve this message. I could see that. Apparently, they rejected that out of hand though, Kirk and Fredericksburg Kirk will start with you. You're on wwl. The attorney general Florida just resigned due to the same thing. Well, actually funny, you should say that he absolutely did just resign. Florida's secretary of state resigns after black face photographs of merge. This is the politico just last week. Shocking. Mike Airtel and Florida had to resign because there was a picture of him dressed in black face. What do you think Kirke thing? Maybe the governor will resign. I'm sure he'll get away with Robert Byrd did. It's no problem for Democrats. We Zeke Kirk. Yeah. That's a great point. By the way, speaking of Fredericksburg, a little south of Kathy trans district. But if you're planning on attending that town hall that she was conducting at one PM tomorrow at South County, high school in lorden and more importantly, if you were planning on attending that twelve pm press conference in rally on behalf of pro-life groups like this isn't the Anthony Lewis Kathy TRAN has just announced that she is cancelling her townhall. And she says that it's because of safety and security concerns. Now, the rally and press conference are still on at noon. And I think now more than ever it's important to show up for that. But if you wanted to actually pose a question to your delegate, Kathy trend and ask her some questions about her Bill about late term abortion or other parts of her agenda. You are out of luck because of security and safety concerns. They say that's the announcement. That just went out within the last twenty minutes security and safety concerns. You know, I think somebody should just reach out to. Delegate transit. There's no safety concern. Don't worry. If things start to get a little boisterous. We will keep you comfortable. And then we will have a discussion about what to do. And we'll consult with a doctor and let me just put it this way delegates. Tran you will be a lot safer and more secure. Then an infant would be in the womb. If you're a Bill were to be passed into law. Much more, so no safety or security concern. I promise you how will Ralph Northam wiggle out of this one. How about Rick in? Stafford Rick you're next up on wwl. Oh, hi, Larry. How you doing? Can you hear me? Yes. I can you sound great. All right. Awesome. Hey, I can't think of any excuse I would believe, but I did come up with one idea. And I think if they wanted to somehow get away with this or make light of this. The only thing I could possibly think of is that the left will say that. Oh, I thought maybe the school was putting on a play or so, and that was just a a role that he was playing and try to Slough it off that way. Now, it's funny. You should say that Rick because as you know, I have a theatrical background, right? And I know that and at this very time in history in the eighties. I was in fact, doing a high school play called the miracle worker, you know, the miracle worker about Helen Keller. Right. I do and it takes place on a southern plantation. I don't know if you knew that it takes place on a southern plantation. And there are in fact, African American. Characters in the story of the miracle worker, and we didn't have any actors cast, we had predominantly white school, my high school and somebody at the time floated the idea that and said, well, why don't we just, you know, they're clearly black characters. Why don't we just put black face on them? And and the drama teacher and other people in the room at the time at the same time as this picture was taken of Ralph north, and they said you can't do that. That's offensive. That's horrible. That's no black faces not allowed anymore. So I don't think that will fly either Rick. I really don't. I agree with you. I don't I don't think. So. 'cause I yeah. I was I was a, you know, a nineteen Eighty-four a preteen. But I remember.

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