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Besides grenada where in the house everywhere you turn there is something that says jamaica trinidad we are right now sitting on a coach beneath a giant really with the not mag maggie when we see each other like i had known about you then it wasn't until we met in person and and it would it would like like judge playing in the essence black women in hollywood and that you see other grenadians come up as style good rondell who works for us and then sidna well one of the doer malaysia and what kanda who else was one of our grenadian constituency we have a large grenada constituency it's it's it's growing to people kind of coming out lewis hamilton is neda joel when i met him i lost it years ago in england and we've read yeah i did see of craig david recently being like oh i don't really know much about agra nita he gets me upset and i'm like when you find out i know it's really an malcolm x's mother is from grenada for those who don't know so you know but i feel like as west indians and you know second generation was in the ends we do have a different experience with america we do and we're gonna do a part two of this with my mom who's gonna talk about the green card process goodness i wanna just tell you one thing when i was when i was growing up in grenada i never heard the words the n word and i never heard the n word that's actually negro.

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