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And the one was like toss where the guy had gone to recurrent in the suspect by twenty five got his typewriting in the aircraft he stays up. Sixteen hours goes to a ball all game with his kids and wife and winds up somewhere on the bottom of Lake Erie. It's amazing when you read some of these losses Let me just go over. Control Take off in the premier jet. The Guy was impaired with a young girl on board S. P. Airplane That was impairment. But he's a paint his typewriting today before four but they sh- super s to believe it was Indianapolis reforming. Indiana can't remember took all post maintenance that aircraft age seventy plus pilot. Piloting is why host avionic upgrade in probably didn't know how to cycle instruments died in Marshall beautiful weather departure by twenty Sales off the coast of Fort Lauderdale pro flown single pilots hypoxia. I'm GonNa go these days when their single pilot it's right there they pl l. h. and it's also in high-performance Erica's these jets erred. They're not inexpensive those are pricey crashes. Aren't they dollars are mounting up. I mean it's like a a cash register. Here S to Nevada crashed on landing. The airplane was engulfed in fire. The pilot got out that was still on an investigation but preliminary indicates there may have been intoxication. These things are inexcusable. The one that gets me a TB 'em the twelve hundred hour pilot in pro pilot turned to loosen airplane. He's two hundred not at the marker denial s approach. It's the goal around. But because because he had an unstable Ostra approach airplanes full of where they've got to do something Bush the power of switched all spun the Airplane Lake Wales whilst the of autopilot at altitude I was in that weather. I was going into Sarasota when this crash occurred. I was in the same weather and a PC twelve. This got to cough on the East Coast. And I was planning on the West Coast of Florida and the ATC Jomon listen up airliners included. We've got a problem and it was that airplane coming apart and the weather and and it was hard weather and It was professional weather and again I had that experience and I determined that I could make it because I was on the backside of and he was on the front side that was building Montana what about this one blame out professional prove single pilot. PC twelve kills thirteen in people in a place. Airplane had thirteen souls on board that airplane twelve or thirteen. Yeah wow so. They were sitting on each other's laps laps just sitting on the floor. Yeah kids two or three strap per seat you know. And he didn't put in the airplane at a fuel imbalance failed to Do anything about the fuel imbalance when he finally did something about it. He overflew to airports and when he was trying to land. He had controllability problem because he has a full wing. If you live on zero result is terrible. TV eight hundred Atlanta. This is one of my favorite guy takes off single policy entre and he's over the top of Atlanta via far quarter fifty five hundred feet because over the top of Atlanta and his wife's get their bill. He was flying sideways. Well never engaged your damper. So He's flying sideways for about twenty minutes laws over top of Atlanta sent. He's still flying sideways. Airplanes totally out of trim. The UN torched the fuel flames the engine out and lands in the field. They both walk away but totaled airplanes. What type of these together? It's just their pro and non pros and every screwing up so the practical consequences to those who are operating single pilot high-performance aircraft now and they're trying to get insureds words. That can't get it if it's over five million bucks value on the airplane and you're not pro qualified. You're just not going to get insurance. No one company needs to take one hundred percent of the risk. We're doing what's called faculty debris insurance where one company will rate on a ribs and say I'll take twenty or thirty eighty percent of it and then you as a probe or after go out to these companies that you represent and try to broker the same risk five or six times and come up with a hundred percent Eh. It's time consuming and expensive expensive and it's even more bad thing when you have a loss because instead of having one company Eh take care of it which you do the lead company you have to wait for all the following markets to agree to disagree and follow suit. It's to get the claim paid so it's plunging us into very complicated landscape as a broker. Will you go forward trying to ensure the single the pilot operations. We will as long as they will. Listen to us. We don't compete with other brokers Willie You might have heard the the single pilot stand-down I said. Gentlemen if you'll do what I ask you to do like engaging that journey I need certain things to plead your case before the judge judge and jury. And if you're willing to let me do that singularly I'm happy to if you have other thoughts about competitive as and marketing then then maybe someone else who is a better fit. My job is a broker for a client. Is that of the do -ciary I give my best advice ice and go to the companies and get their best price and the most coverage I can get comeback. Compare sit down with the client. A lot of guys think insurance is a commodity audited that you can buy cheap this year and maybe cheaper next year or this broker with a knocked ten percent off here there it does exist but that's the mindset and you have to get beyond that you had to find a strong knowledgeable horst arrive in this very very difficult terrain. You spoke of a of a lesson learned long ago. I guess you were in college. Flying that DC three and you had to do a certain qualification to get into the left seat. Can you tell us about that. Oh absolutely when I was a kid buying up the line basically. I was In college and if you ever wanted to they get into the left seat or fly the beach eighteen by yourself or single pilot beach. Eighteen or DC three. You had to fly to seasons. Two Summers and two winters is Bob. Picks wiggins would not turn you loose was a captain and that was stone. He said you have no experience. Just because is you have a lot of hours and I'll tell you what that resonates with to this day. Do you apply to your own customers. You know actually I do Everybody said how many our joined the if I get this. Many hours can fly. And I'm going you know it's actually at this point. You have to think in terms of if I engage in insure today and I'm relegated to dual operations only. It's probably at this point game going to be a complete season in other words a twelve month period. Your insurance before. They'll consider something different so the single pilot would have to fly with another pilot for twelve months. Is that what you're saying. That's what I'm saying. I think that's where we're heading and pretty much reaches back to early flying days the pilot community has to look at itself. And so we have to be self policing or the Fed will take our privilege and apply additional draconian measures appears to try to stop what's happening. You have to step back and say today a day that I have to go like that guy that might that but to the ball game but was it to spend another night have nice sleek get up the next morning and fly your jet home. We've been speaking with Lance Toland a veteran pilot in aviation an insurance specialist. This is William Garvey editor of business in Commercial Aviation magazine. Thank you for your time and your interest..

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