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Welcome back to science with everything. I'm Greg Jackson. And I'm Jordan Erika Weber. Jordan before the break talked about how parents inadvertently teach us that. It's okay to lie kids. And as we grow up, I'll deceptive abilities become more refined. But our ability to detect lies doesn't really improve with age poll, set our chances aunt much better than flipping a coin it so hard for humans to tell whether or not someone is telling the truth. I wonder whether a machine could do it better. At the start of the show. We mentioned that soon. The e you will be trialing an artificially intelligent machine is designed to see if those passing through border control allying, not and it's called I border control. Hello, keenly Crockett. Can you hear me? Hi, kelly. We can hear you loud and clear. How are you? Oh, I know about thank you. It's good to speak to you. Too key corporate is a reader in computational intelligence at Manchester metropolitan university. She's also a researcher on the board of control protect whereabouts. We talking to you from Kelly, and you're talking to me in the school of computing, amass at Manchester metropolitan university starting at the end of this month, the pilot will run for six months at four crossings in Greece, Hungary, and Latvia, which all have borders with countries outside of the EU. The pilot technology includes virtual Boorda gods that can interact with the traveller in Hungarian English and Russian. I'm struggling to imagine what it might be like if I was going through a border control like this. I know you have some sort of application today beforehand. But what's it like when you go through June? No, I will let Keady explain step one travelers in the comfort of their own homes. Will register online system that will relevant information about themselves in that trip. And then each trip that that passenger goes on is actually registered if we consider as it being self deployed through the pre registration phase it may. And I'm going to stress the word may here be able to evaluate travelers cannot be valuated deterministic by other methods. So therefore, it may prove to be a key enabler in identifying subjects that Boorda. God's should pay special attention to join the actual crossing step to so join the Preregister ration- step an avatar Boorda. God will ask the traveler series of questions about that trip. What it does it because a deception risk or for each question? And then for the overall interview the attack currently has been implemented in both male and female genders in English Hungarian. Russian step three wants to interview and everything is completed at pre registration that will receive a QR codes that device for the trip though gonna take Steph for the border crossing stage..

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