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I would say that muhammad ali showed to be the greatest of all time by what he did after he came back from boxing his personal willpower dave his stamina his ability to withstand all of the punches were thrown in his lifetime politically economically morally that's where i look at mohammed ali as the greatest of all time so i have to say that yeah it was an injustice that was done to him and we have to understand the nature of that injustice we just had the decision in the masterpiece cake shop case in colorado where somebody said hey my religion will not let me comply with this law that is precisely what muhammad ali said and it is so strange that donald trump would talk about it the same week that the masterpiece cake shop decision came out with the united states supreme court the supreme court affirmed in that case that your religion if you truly believe in america and it has sound basis we're not gonna force you to sell to anybody or to do anything the mohammed ali case before the supreme court said if you are a muslim and you don't believe in going into the draft we hold that religious right it's the very same principle so i find it interesting that donald trump was thinking about mohammadali the very same week that we upheld the same principle that the supreme court upheld when he eight to nothing was vindicated.

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