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Never stops neither do we. This is no co now presented by shanin agency. Here's tanner schwinn good wednesday morning or the colorado welcome in to the collision specialists studios got a lot to get to today. A lot of intriguing things going on across the world and An right here in our backyard. It is no go now. I'm tanner schwen ryan kelly during the production for you on this wednesday morning our accessories with a flair and hair poll question. Let's start there This has been an interesting one. Watch unfold You know we we touched on the simone biles Situation yesterday but now as we continue to see this more and more come out the it's it's not a physical injury suffered by simone biles. She has pulled out of the olympics for a mental wellness is what she is citing a fighting those demons We're gonna get to some quotes and and it. We're going to die full into the story a little bit later on but that's accessories of the flare. Inhere poll question on our facebook. Page atn code now at noko now is pretty simple is do you agree with the decision. Do you blame her. Do you agree with the decision for her to pull out of the finals of the olympics because of a mental issue because of mental wellness is what she setting..

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