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I remember I was trying to finish Roger me. My first film I was broke was on unemployment. I mean I didn't have anything really and I didn't know I was going to finish the film and there's no way really didn't get it done. And they're both in the kitchen kitchen so we have something for you and they pulled check from their checkbook for two thousand dollars. My Dad at this point is retired from the factory assembly line. So He's just on on retirement My Mom My mom is a year away from retirement and working again as a clerk township office that any money that I didn't know where they are like. Where did you get two thousand dollars? Well we we have some savings And we want you to take this and use this to finish. Sean course I need like you know twenty or thirty thousand dollars to finish it. I didn't think I was going to be able to finish and I was so moved by this night. Refused to take it and they would not let me and we went back and forth. Finally I said okay. I'll take it Over the years. I've met a lot of filmmakers who went to good. Schools came from families that had money. And you know their parents help them which is a wonderful thing And help them with more than two thousand dollars but For them for that. Two thousand dollars to them was I. Give me two hundred thousand dollars and I I'd never taken any money from them as an adult I never he had I'd probably stayed. I probably stayed at home by the time moved out. You know. Back then millennials. Soon you know we. We left home sometimes on our eighteenth birthday. Oh I stayed a little bit longer but But I never I took care of myself. I got my own jobs in my own work and I did. I did was fine. I didn't either money but This was very very moving and it did help me. Great deal when I had nothing. My mom got the live to see Most of most of my at least half my career there with my first films She got to see Bowling for columbine she got to watch. This was back when carried the canned film festival on one of the cable channels and She and my dad got to watch the ceremony where we won an award for Bowling for Columbine Camp Film Festival and She died about six weeks after that but I was always happy that she got to sell thrilled with us. Especially gave my acceptance speech in French or some call. It French but It was all it was all good. My friends and when this day comes along every year now it's a little. It's a little bitter sweet but I thought today a good way to to to acknowledge it would be to embrace it to To tell you to share with you some of these things about my mother. God I wish this was Some kind of massive zoom could do today where you would all be here even if that visually just audio wise like the like if there were one hundred speakers in this room in each had your own speaker and you could tell me a few minutes about your mother happy so cool grownup hard. Being appearance hard As we get older were very forgiving of a lot of things but also very very grateful for things that maybe we didn't realize at the time and that's how I feel. I feel that today and I feel that really every day and I'm not a week goes by where I don't think my mom or dad in some way Where I wish that they were here. I'm glad they're not alive now during this thing that we're going through. I'm glad that they did not live to see trump elected Or what he has done to this country they loved so much on my God. If this would have been their final years this is they would go out of this life thinking that this is what got left behind. How many of you probably had that situation happened to you right. They left this world probably just in sheer utter sadness and horror that their children and grandchildren. We're going to have to deal with this while we are going to deal with it. We are dealing with it and we will deal with this year twenty twenty. Thanks for letting me share. All of this with you. Much of WHO I am is because my mother and my father and the people that came before them And much of who I am is as a result the life that I've created as an adult and The people in my life in you know who you are. If you're listening to this I am forever grateful for that. I hope I could have been one tenth of what my parents were to me. I hope I've been that to you and And to those of you Who I know only through this Or through the fact that you have been fans of my work over the years. I'm eternally grateful for that and I'm glad that you keep giving me a chance to say and show things that are sometimes difficult to listen to and to see. You know why I'm doing it. It's not obviously done with any sense of wanting you to feel bad or to cause You have any sense of Harm I'm trying to undo the harm and I'm doing the best I can with So far so good. That's that's my assessment of it and and I have a robust conscience that I answered to on a daily basis. That's a good thing. And that's the thing I was given to from my mom and my dad. Happy Mother's Day Thank you for everything. Thank all of you and thank you to hear mothers for helping to make you who you are with this together. You know that and we'll come out of this together to and I really do believe we will create something different. We will not go back to the old normal. We will have the new normal and it will. It will be better and we already know the ways that it needs to be better and we're going to make that happen. Enjoy the day wherever you are and On Tomorrow's podcast my guess will be. Dr Ezekiel Emanuel This is you've probably seen him on television. He was the head of the Bioethics Department at the National Institute of Health for almost fourteen years And he has been one of the leading voices of truth about or really going through and he will be my guest tomorrow And we're going get into some things and some things are going to be said you haven't heard and you're going to hear them a tomorrow so please tune in to that next episode which I believe will be episode. Seventy eight This is episode seventy.

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