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Too much screen time can result entire dry is headaches blurry vision and trouble sleeping but not since I've been wearing Felix Gray blue light glasses Felix gray launched in two thousand sixteen the singular focus to offer the most effective computer glasses on the market with all the quality of brand name designer frames and quickly became the Internet's favorite blue light. Glasses feels great glasses filter out ninety percent of high energy blue light and eliminate ninety nine percent of the harsh glare coming from screens. Unlike other brands use cheap blue light coatings that are ineffective and can chip or scratch Felix. Gray uses a proprietary blue light technology. That's embedded die recklessly in the Lynn. You got real snooty Nudie during that I liked it available in prescription nonprescription and readers Felix Gray has you covered with optical glasses for work and sleep less in the evening that are clinically proven to increase melatonin secretion. When worn leading up to bed time? Why would you buy glasses from a company? Whose sole focus? Is it making glasses. I asked You I wait for a response. I'll continue. I Trust Felix Felix Gray because they make the best blue light classes in the game go to Felix great glasses dot com slash. Keep it and get a pair of blue light. Glasses from the pros shipping and returns are totally free. That's F. The L. A. G. R. A. Y. GLASSES DOT COM slash keep it Felix gray glasses dot com slash. KEEP IT A. We are here with Joe Gel. Hello Hi it's nice to.

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