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Because he's earned it because they have done as well as they happen to grab i don't think this is a continuing we gotta put bella check in his place thing as you're suggesting it is no i don't i don't believe that i i believe you're right absolutely but i think it's a little bit of revisionist history that after the fact people realize that women maybe it was a good draft like anything else it's down the road we see how everything pans out when other teams are chasing the patriots we based their draft black i mean if we if the steelers are losing to the patriots every year when we when we great their draft class how can you not grazie dropouts how they're going to beat the patriots i understand what you're saying again if you're if you're commented just been hasn't history told us that bill bell jack knows what he's doing in day three then i gotta say oh you are absolutely right but what you said was every year people say that the patriots didn't have a great draft and then they're proven wrong well that's just not so not every year do people say patriots about a bad draft just stick to the facts as we know them both has been really good at the drafting since he took over new england he does find guys that are laid around guys who step in who while they might not grade out in some people's eyes they're a perfect fit for the patriot system and a patriot way and they coach up guys and get them to do what is necessary for the patriots in their system.

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