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Congratulations. I think the next one, you know, we had a little orgy with some other girls, but I don't like guys. I don't swing that way. And I don't have any problems that do do that to each their own, but you know, I'm a ladies man. Of course, of course. Now I talk to your sister. I saw her and Chattanooga and we both said we were very concerned that you were getting distracted. She's like, my little brother is hanging out with little pump. It was one of the funniest I was hilarious. So me and your sister I got very sweet girl. She was a former cheerleader for the clippers, right? Adam. What happened with you and Colby's sister? Come on. Absolutely. Nothing we're not going here at all. I'm a married man and his sister was like, she's a very she's a very classy woman. So nothing but a class act there and plus the last person you ever want to be your brother in law is called because I think you'd be a good brother in law and also like the worst brother in law. So now, are you now, are you were you impressed with it all? Who's that? He's the one 70 pounder who was like, he was like, killing it. What? Did the top ten? Not now, but it seems like he's like getting there. You never heard of jamaya? He seems like he's getting there. How many rank fighters had the two and two together? How many rank fighters has he beat? He's not being.

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