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And watched him call a race, Pete is incredibly good race collar and it's so funny. I asked him, because he said they're talking with us, and there's like a minute to post. I'm like, do you need to memorize feels like, no, I got them. It's like, okay. Like, you haven't really looked at them, and then calls the race, and I think he looked at his program once during the whole race. He's just got a memory that's insane, but such a sweet guy. I love Pete and so I'm very biased in my praise of him, but it was really cool to get to see him. And what else did we do Dani Gulfstream park? Well, we saw an incredible performance in the finale, which was a first time starter for the Clement barn. So the other thing I wanted to talk about in regards to Gulfstream was the torpedo because it seems like it's I feel like most people thought it was going to be a just in case kind of thing. So when the races are off the turf, they go onto the Tapia. And that was actually the case on Sunday, but they are actually carting a number of races for the tepid and they're doing it throughout the car. It's not like all the torpedo races are really like, I've noticed it at Tampa, like our racing secretary Allison, who is also our secretary at colonial. Like they tend to run usually one, two or three dirt races early on, usually it's the smaller field dirt race, and then after that, it's kind of turf dirt turf dirt. And that's not always the case. There was a couple back to back turfs, but racing secretaries tend to have kind of their habits that way. I remember for years, this is before Martin panza for years though. You can count on the third race at aqueduct or Belmont like being like a really good small field allowance. Like it was like clockwork. And just like for years in Southern California, the last race of the day was kind of a 12 horse field, cheap maiden race, like it just, it was just, I mean, you could count on it. And there's I talked to a few different people with varying opinions on the torpedo. In fact, I was talking to a guy there. And I said, you know, he got something this racy. He's like, nah, I don't know the synthetic yet. I'm waiting. I don't feel confident with it. And you know, I don't mind the synthetic. And I've kind of said that, you know, I like Golden Gate and all this kind of stuff. One thing I will say that at least frustrating as a race viewer is and I say this as someone who's watched fair bit of races. I've watched a lot. I have a lot of trouble kind of telling how my horse is going. If I'm really focused in on a horse and there was a couple times yesterday in the to Peter races, I keep saying yesterday. I'm recording my you guys know the drone. According Monday for Tuesday. So it was Sunday. But I'm watching them, and I'm like, it looks like traveling pretty good. And then very, very slowly, but surely, you're like, oh, maybe it doesn't have anything. No, he doesn't. No. And then all of a sudden he's back into the pit. And you're like, oh, wait, maybe. It's like the gift with that girl who drinks the kombucha where she's like, yeah, no, maybe. Yeah. I can't get a feel for how they're traveling. That's not to say, I don't like it for handicapping, 'cause I feel like sometimes my handicap opinions on it have been fine. But just from a race viewing standpoint, I feel like on dirt, I have a pretty good idea by the far turn. I mean, really, I feel like I have a good idea by the middle of the backstretch. If my horse is running at all, and if I have a shot, and by the far turn of the three 8s, I feel like I have a decent idea of like, look, it's down to these one, two or three. And with the pita, it's just for me, it's not like that. There was a couple where I'm like, oh man, they just walked on the front end and these going good. And then you just swallow it up. And it's not like it was some bum. It was a horse with a good possibilities. But I talked to a couple people and, you know, the opinions were not positive, but I mean, like I said, I get where they're having them for the braces off the turf. I like that. I think people are I think they're getting more of those races than we were expecting, or at least a lot of horse players were expecting. And maybe that was kind of always the plan. Not sure. We'll see though, but yeah, it was a great time going down there. A lot of fun, the weather was good. Margo, my boss had a horse in down there so we got to go in the paddock and talk to kisha Courtney for a little bit, said hi to her. We'll probably get her on the show. I would assume sometimes soon. I feel like we have a case on usually once a year, and we haven't had it on for a while. Brian nadda, who's doing a TV there with Ron nicoletti, talk to Ron. And Ron goes, I thought you were on the West Coast. I forgot about Tampa. Good to see you. Ron is a very, very sweet guy. So it was neat to see him. And got to junior alvarado was riding for Margot, so I got to shake hands with junior, which was cool. And yeah, just enjoyable day. Gulfstream.

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