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From the heads of four formula companies Meantime Florida's Surgeon General is calling for more transparency on the shortage Rick hoschel reports Joseph lani Poe has written the FDA commissioner asking for regular updates on fixes to the supply chain and when more infant formula will be available ladipo says the state health department found alternative products in an effort to offset the shortage caused by what he called the FDA's lack of oversight but he said the cost of those alternatives remains high in the availability is low The Biden administration is promising to aggressively address the shortage Trump era pandemic restrictions on immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. will stand for now That's the ruling from a judge hearing the case involving the temporary restraining order against ending title 42 Since 2020 it's been used more than 1.8 million times to deny migrants a chance to seek asylum in the U.S. due to COVID restrictions President Biden is pushing state and local officials to dedicate more money from the American rescue plan toward efforts to make communities safer Biden met with some local officials and police chiefs at The White House Friday and noted that violence is on the upswing Communities were facing a rising tide of violence that coincided with this pandemic And it was happening at a time when state and local budgets were under tremendous strain The majority of evacuations are now over at the scene of a Southern California fire in Orange County the evacuation orders only remain for 131 homes About 900 homes were previously evacuated because of the coastal fire the 200 acre fire in laguna Nigel is now 25% contained I'm Brian shook Australian researchers believe they found a way to detect babies at risk of sids or sudden infant death syndrome Mark Mayfield reports Since typically occurs when a seemingly healthy baby under the age of one dies suddenly and it normally occurs while they're asleep scientists found an enzyme was lower in babies who died from sids as opposed to babies who lived Researchers say the enzyme plays a part in the brains arousal from sleep I'm Mark Mayfield Four Florida men are accused of committing armed robberies disguised as law enforcement officers a federal indictment unsealed in Tampa says the men committed 5 hold ups against drug dealers in 2020 and 2021 Prosecutors say they sometimes work clothing with the word sheriff and drove cars with blue lights Reginald Roberts Nathaniel Carr Daniel Jackson and krishan butler could face minimum sentences of 14 to 31 years in prison if convicted A nearly complete dinosaur skeleton has sold at auction for $12.4 million to an undisclosed buyer Trey Thomas has more the fossilized deinonychus hit the auction block at Christie's on.

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