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Vicki Barker study found summer babies r some thirty percent more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD then kids born even a few weeks later in September. One possible. Reason says Harvard Tim Leighton summer babies can be up to a year younger than their classmates and act accordingly. His advice for assigning a diagnosis of ADHD to that child the physician the parents at a minimum should pause. If that child has a summer birthday say wait a minute like is this because this child is just young a reminder to he says that there's more subjectivity to an ADHD diagnosis, the many health professionals would like to admit Vicki Barker, CBS news. Can only wonder why some beers become trendy for example rolling. Rock beer was a big big thing in the eighties. Remember that all the New York bars were serving rolling rock beer at a Pennsylvania is the big things too pricey for my taste taste all that. Great. Then you've got Pabst blue ribbon. Same thing. Why is that a thing? Well, now, we have word that fans of PBR can keep putting it away. It's a classic dear that's quite popular among young people. But Miller Coors, which brews and distributes PBR threatened to lend its deal with Pabst Miller Coors argued at my no longer have the brewery capacity and that led to a lawsuit by Pabst. But the two companies have announced a settlement ending a trial in Milwaukee. Where paths was founded in eighteen forty four. Bruce Marquez for CBS news eagle.

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