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Three hundred forty calories thirty eight grams of saturated fat ninety eight grams of added sugar and three thousand four hundred and twenty milligrams of sodium so if you're looking to to kind of stick away from most people like that now a lot of people I was reading a story the other day researchers from the university of Iowa obese people enjoy the taste of food more it's not their fault obese people eat more food because it simply tastes better researchers at the university of Iowa gave chocolate to a group of obese or non obese women and found that as the obese group kept eating the food continued to taste almost as good to them as the first bite the findings suggest that understanding taste perceptions may be crucial to preventing obesity and combined with the large nutritional awareness so it's not obese people's fault the food taste better all right thank you did not know yesterday all lotion share that with you in a little bit Taylor swift's going to play a central park on August the twenty second the largest concert ever was nineteen ninety with Daryl hall and John Oates and you for callin the B. fifty twos got about three quarters of a million people out there Simon and Garfunkel eighty one well known concert only play do a half a million Elton John nineteen eighty four hundred.

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