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Off We go to the Parker and Sun Sports Desk with Paul Calvi. See, and I've got my Arizona hotshot coffee mug here. That's right. And in a roundabout way, not totally. I don't want him to be too successful, but I'm thrilled. Here that we might see a hot shots alone on Sunday about John Walford, right? The wake Forest guy never thrown an NFL pass, not in a regular season game, and he would be the guy if Jared Goff can't go after golf, injured. His thumb hit on the helmet there sometime in the third quarter, talked back into place, and especially, the reports say, suffered a broken and dislocated thumb. Yet the Ramses saying he might still play I'm not buying that. Just not buying that, Just like you know what? Everything we heard on Saturday about the Cardinals and over the disappointing I mean, this is the closest I've been to the playoffs since my rookie year, So it's definite frustrated. The lost in the Niners. They're DJM breeze. Now they no longer control their playoff future and faith disregard that because now they've done the math. And after yesterday's results, Seahawks beating the Rams the Bears trouncing the Jaguars. Has detoured and smelling himself this morning and his stinking bears of this point. Guess what if the Cardinals win in L. A. They are in as the seventh playoff team thing is, they've never beaten Sean McVeigh and seven meetings their sons around the corner. The bridges bridges backs up puts up a three should say about a McHale bridges that 22 Chris Paul. It doesn't assist Suns win, Avenge That Saturday night lost to the King's 1 16 100 they beat sat down in a Padres trade from former Cy in winner Blake Snell in the NL West. That of sports ball. Calvi, CIA and Katia are news. You know what? It's the final days? Here we go. We mentioned it's the final days the final days of.

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