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If you at drexel you might not it ain't to say subak the mic it's to say if you play basketball and football you should get pay guess what you don't desire to get pregnant women you don't get paid if you play a bali bowl perry those who generate revenue gets the revenue those who don't doubt why is this so complicated complicated at all if we want to talk about parody along with the story as it pertains in a student athlete haka we talking about parody in terms of coaches getting pray you take the coach at drexel is get paid famous as much to society you the dakota le heart is getting prey to say as war williams at the university of north carolina hello gorth that froth i'm not even sure the coach and what you saw state is getting paid same bill self hour and a half way i kansas i mean what to how the art they did this that about fairness ma boy jeff brown it kelley says the best place is on fairness as a place where they judge prague's it doesn't exist even though some with a seasonally argue pigs to get judged at of at a fair not one out been to put that neither here nor there metaphorically speaking we understand exactly what my boy jeff brown was alluding to can we stop the nonsense stop acting like everybody has to say you're not it also title not let me bring that up to the mic because let me be fair gender wa s.

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