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Car care. I love him. Now, Scott, I want our audience to also know you are one of the most well known and successful concert promoters in the region, can you brag about that part of your life will live music is obviously a passion of mine is you know, you've been doing a one or two of my shows I live up in the Auburn area. And we do everything I also serve on the Auburn recreation district board. So we put on some incredible free music events. Like, what are some reporting the park the eight necessarily dead festival the food truck fiesta. In addition, I work with this funky room. And the odds fellows hall on Auburn, which is one hundred twenty some odd years old, and we. Put on some incredible intimate funky and fund musical shows. We get nationally touring acts everyone from Los Lobos to to the flying other brothers and bands in between that you've never heard of the probably I wish I could put on concerts at my shop. And then I'd be. I've been there you got that room in the back area. Man, we could blow it up. Yeah. You know? We'll we do every now and then have a little fun day with some bands outside. Unfortunately, the texts get distracted. I gotta keep them focused. But I'm glad you brought up that used car thing, folks. For a regular customers will always do a no charge once over on it. But we also for fifty nine eighty eight will do an indepth senior technician review of any.

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