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Would bring them to faith. And for those who are within the hearing of these words that have faith, I pray that you have built them up in faith. And all things, I pray that you are glorified and that you are honored that you are praised and proclaimed and that she would do these things either through me or in spite of me. And this I pray in Jesus name. This is a passage about signs and one of the funny things or I think curious things to me about signs is that signs are only ever signs to people who already believe. How oftentimes we as Christians have talked about the signs of God, we've talked about it in Sunday school at different times and things along those lines. You know, how God shows us, you know, who he is and that he is, he is real. We see it in nature and the design that is found in nature. I actually want the TV shows that Denise and I like to watch. They mentioned the Fibonacci sequence. And that's kind of one of those again, that signs in nature that God says, look, here's my thumbprint. You know, I'm doing something. The regularity that you see that mathematical sequence showing up and the gold ratio that is made from that. And if you don't know what that is, ask me, because it's kind of a fun thing to talk about. But the design is found in nature. The Old Testament prophecies that are fulfilled. In Christ. And for thousands and hundreds of years, prior to the events of Christ, these things have been said, this is going to happen. This is going to be we just recently read. This is going to be where the messiah is going to be born. That was 700 years on the 750 years before the birth of Christ. Think of how much changes in 700 years. I mean, the United States wasn't even the United States. It was a big continent full of indigenous people running around with bows and arrows and things along those lines in those days. I mean, this was this was Woods and wilderness. 700 years ago. You know, a lot changes, but yet the profits have said in 700 years, this little town, this little podunk town, the messiah is going to be born. That's pretty impressive. Events in our own lives that are just providential. The right person showing up at the right time in the right way with a thing that we most need. When we were thinking perhaps even about them, we're praying that God was sending somebody to help us through a time of difficulty. You know, these things don't happen by random chance. They happen though. A sermon that aligns with a Sunday school lesson, how often times have we seen and talked about that for years, I've had Sunday school teachers saying, did you look at my notes? And I kind of want to say back to them. Did you look at my notes? You know, and we see that a song played on the radio at just the right time when we're blue and needs to be lifted up when we're happy and we need to be kind of whatever it happens to be. One of the things that kind of amazes me and animal rescuing a human being from death. How often does that happen? It happens a lot. More often than we sometimes would think. Do you realize that records of dolphins saving drowning swimmers and sailors dates back as far back as ancient Greece? There are records of Mariners falling off board of their ships. And sharks circling and a group of dolphins coming in and chasing away the sharks and pushing the drowning man back to the ship. As a Christian, we see God's hand. We see that as a sign that God exists. How can we not see God's hand in some of those things? But to the non Christian, they describe it in ways like chance, good luck, say one of the popular things is to call it karma. You know, it's karma. Coincidence, serendipity, you know? It's all of these things other than guys. It's anything but God. To the atheist. God gives signs. They give signs in nature. God gave signs regularly through the Old Testament to guide his people. We were at a few weeks ago as we were working through numbers. The budding staff Aaron. It was given by God as a sign that Aaron was the right rightful high priest. The following with Moses. The thuman, it's kind of one of those funny things because we don't really know exactly how they worked. But the arm and the thumb and the high priest war in the Old Testament days. They were to help him with judgment, you know? Do we go scientific and say they glowed? Are they vibrated or there was a spirit? We don't know. We just know that they were there to help with judgment. You know, for the higher priest, and he had access to those things. The golden, the fleece, not the golden fleece, wrong. Wrong story. The golden wow. The fleece of Gideon see that G there with fleece and my brain just kind of wants to go golden, please. When's mythology? One's true history. Let's keep them straight. All right, the fleece of Gideon, true history, not mythology. That was wet and then dry and things along those lines. The rainbow. God gave as a sign of the people. One of the kind of interesting one is hezekiah king hezekiah's recovery. You know, he was sick to the point of death and he recovered. And then he thought, well, all right, great. And God judged him again. He went, oops. You know, how much we are like that. And we do that. Again, that was described to be a sign. Isaiah's sign of the coming messiah being born of a virgin is a sign that God gave. So we would know. David, king David, in some 86, says of signs, expecting signs. For God's people, he says, show me a sign or bring a sign that those who hate me when they see it will be ashamed. So here's David expecting God to use and do signs to humble and to shame his enemies. New Testament. Jesus is always working signs. You know, the wedding in Cana is called a sign. The healing of the official son and John fore is called a sign that Jesus did. The feeding of the 5000 is called a sign that Jesus did. In fact, John and his gospel said there were so many signs that Jesus did in the presence of the disciples that John couldn't even record them

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