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Is good for Europe, but it's also good for America. Very good for America. Essential from CBS is Natalie brand, the 30, NATO leaders are tackling an ambitious agenda, including the security implications of climate change. Cyber attacks and disinformation, terrorism, nuclear deterrence, NATO's role in the rapidly melting Arctic Ocean, the rise of China and Russia's aggressive actions, especially against Ukraine. I'm Stephen Has their back Andre Lucien. It's key leads the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland. Since the war has begun in Ukraine. You have more than 14,000 dead, and the government says a million and a half people have been displaced. The president has stopped short of backing Ukraine's bid to join NATO despite the renewed urging of his counterpart in Kiev, But Mr Biden has invited Vladimir Zelensky to the White House this summer. In an NBC News interview, Vladimir Putin denied Russian involvement in U. S Cyber attacks. Justice Department's top national security official, John Des MERS, is resigning after revelations the department seized records from Democrats and reporters. The Supreme Court passes for now on a key affirmative action case, calling on the Justice Department to consider it first legal analyst Thane Rosenbaum. The Supreme Court is asking the Biden administration whether it has a position on the Harvard affirmative action case since Harvard receives federal funding and if they are impermissibly discriminating against qualified Asian Americans. Does that violate Title six of the Civil Rights Act? The Supreme Court could still hear the case, even if the bite administration takes no action or agrees that affirmative action should not be impeded. Minneapolis police say a woman was killed three others hurt late last night when an SUV hit a parked car and it slammed into demonstrators. A suspect.

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