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You're ringing and following the action our thanks so much for coming on Hey Abby direct K. suit set up first what's the first of all what's it like is it weird that there aren't fans of their where Rory heroes and you know what when you're walking the fairways of the borders you can actually hear them all usually near Meryl covers up to no worries but you can definitely hear the porters talk and just so that you are a bit different also get your chart you know all right no sooner the fair way because that way you a friend from work I can't read John Turturro more yellow pages right right but it's all Hollister street there were walking in the shade which is something you don't see very often yeah and media wise usually there's a lot of media out there I've covered it for many many years and you and I were talking off the air and it's been limited the access to players the press conferences tells what it's been like in your perspective covering this as a golf writer for golf magazine and golf dot com sure it is different there's no doubt about that you know there you can use it just a few local TV shows reporter and a camera in there your normal anything like that no are no small store okay you got me your current credit trump users well only to the interviewer so you know and as far as the actual like you said because it's different because now the players walking on the side grabbing the shade it is a who's who though a lot of the big names came out they I think they were really anxious to to place so what's it look like after this first round the man who's looking really good out there you know I think okay which are orders wordpress transaction here has that you know I think that's one thing you're saying I'm sorry Justin rose shot sixty three you're very English there are real strong you know he's one here before story knows how to do it you know obviously you know R. V. Jordan Stevens five on the power of Justin almost five hundred dollars to great Cornish beach was one of the four other guys you know I'm sure going to bed you know worry back towards Europe the other day he said but monaural never going to get stronger water terrible storm for the last few months you know you know he didn't have his best round tonight Dustin John Gilmore struggle you know characters struggle for breath so you know the border street three months all your all yours the teachers insurance plan also offers no Germans are concerned it's a tree tents reflect in about three months vacation where we're expecting to have ordered those three services a practice time that they were going to do that and so I think that's what you're seeing reflected in the first round today okay wow and then finally on the PGA tour they saying anything about when fans can return to some of these other stops okay the memorial which is Jack Nicholson's German abstract it probably don't have some friends there room did numbers no I didn't yeah all the work done a whole lot of social you should drink it daily I mean most of the orders are Kerry's walked down the fairways together employers down the terrorist you gather so we really want to know all about keeping the parts for many one you didn't see many fist bumps on the road that jumped out yes Katie coming off eighteen but given zero that some about where you from some of state farm yeah but other than that I don't think you're working out pretty good all right so are Strickland thank you so much everybody can catch his stuff he's a great writer no question about it cough magazine and golf dot com thanks are you always going to be working happy to do it Charles Schwab challenge interesting Justin rose and Harold Varner the third tied for a seven under they both shot sixty threes it was so hot in fort worth where they played as you heard art Strickland say Justin Thomas six under tied for third and my favorite tied for seven th Jordan Spieth's five under so he shot a sixty five so some decent golf out there with no fans the players said it was very very strange right there is some controversy over the Confederate flag and the Confederate flag not being flown anymore at NASCAR events so no longer wants people are back in the saddle so to speak and on the infield and they're in R. V. she cannot fly Confederate flags it won't we will not be allowed it is completely forbidden and any Confederate flags on cars helmets all that kind of stuff totally totally gone what has that meant for the drivers a couple of the drivers sounded off about what it meant take a listen the NASCAR and everybody involved overwhelming emotion because it's not something that I expected or anticipated in any way shape form I thought could speed Phelps is taking a tremendous risk by doing the right thing how about that that was Brad Daugherty who talked about he's a co owner of a racing team obviously it's already racing is retired NBA player and he said it really surprised in the days you heard of their economy off guard and we had the opportunity to talk with Steve Phillips who is the president of NASCAR and he told them the latest thoughts where he was going to do it and he said it was overwhelming emotion because he was I guess he was surprised by that he said he was very proud to be a member of the NASCAR community and what has happened and he referenced you know NASCAR's reaction to the twenty fifteen Charleston South Carolina church shooting or nine African Americans were killed by a white supremacist the killer posted photos of himself online with the flag the Confederate flag before the shooting and then you know the other drivers so you're heard of chips with NASCAR helmet designer following the Confederate flag tweets so they weren't the only ones they severed their their ties with the this helmet designer after the brand account lashed out online about NASCAR's decision to ban the Confederate flag at racing events and it just started off as some tweets fired off mentioning NASCAR the intermediate people in defense of keeping the flag and Jason beam of being designs said in defense of preserving history whatever that means grew to calling Bubba Wallace's black lives matter car garbage whoa and that really infuriated of Wallace obviously so there you go and it is a definite NASCAR is not backing down off of that they're sticking by it and we've seen that Confederate symbols are tumbling whether it's the discussion about what's going to happen with base is named after the US southern generals that you know were Confederate generals obviously and some of the like I said some of the statues that have been ripped down like other beheaded Christopher Columbus in in Boston for example and interesting times for sure and if some of these things are to be determined but not when it comes to what NASCAR's decided it is across the board.

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