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Let us than our friend greg jarrett is with us um so if in fact the phony clinton paid for dnc paid for russian propaganda debunked salacious dossier was used for a fis a warren greg jarrett um and that information was false and a court was lied to or given false information what would that mean for any quote evidence or any information that they may have received as a result of a warrant that never should have happened under the law all of that gets thrown out a can't be used for an all of it all of it yeah is there is there a chance that impacts uh general flynn uh you know it it arguably could defend ada fong weather uh they were using a faisal warrant based on the dossier to obtain information on him which was used against him uh to threaten him with charges and provoke a plea uh quite honestly if i were flynn's lawyers' i go back to the judge in say we have discovered new and compelling evidence that all of the information the fbi was using against our client is is was illegally obtained sort of the poisonous tree can't be used we withdraw our plea and i tell them believe there uh peter slice it will give you a shot at this what are your thing well i think look they were trying to accomplish a couple of things sean one was it was a form of political warfare you know there have been uh the these issues of of uh you know that has been raised in the media about trump and wanting to do deals in russia back in two thousand nine and they wanted to try to force the hand of the fbi so they could leak that trump was under fbi investigation into that extent the steel dossier achieve that political purpose it's a massive manipulation of our political system not like anything i've seen modern american political history um the legal issues i think greg has laid out clearly but you have the political ones which is you know where do we go now when you have an fbi that was this easily jeered to to investigate a presidential candidate.

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