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A look at the broncos and they're getting ready for the giants they are indeed back on the practice field today preparing for sunday night football against the oh in five giants here we go with that trap team stuff again it's the nfl it's a it's a good football team it's a it's a polio football team from last season it's a hall of fame type of quarterback defensively they've got no three corners they've got to rusher so trapping i don't see it that way bronco's coach vance joseph broncos john it's coverage starts sunday at noon on koa kickoff at six thirty local one hundred of the united labor unions filed a complaint against cowboys owner jerry jones alleging that he violated the national labor relations act by threatening players if they choose not to stand for the national anthem jones said earlier this week of a player disrespects the flag and national anthem by not standing the player will now play baseball an unplanned day off for the cubs the nationals and they're nld yesyesterday inclement weather forced game four of the nld as to be postponed until this afternoon at wrigley field cubs leave the nationals two games to one it's an elimination game for the nationals but nationals manager does baker will still start tanner roar today instead of a stephen strasbourg you slated didn't work out for straw's was bullpen day brokerages and plus the full confidence and tenor and straw so that have been better kasese his film on under the weather leica by a lot my my team i mean under the weather a hundred and whatever milliondollar contract all right he then first pitch scheduled for two oil mountain time yankees and indians will settle their lds the deciding game five is in cleveland tonight coric lubar goes against cc sabathia just a brutal loss for us soccer the men's national team falls to trinidad in tobago two to one that along with a couple of other results keeps the us out of next summer's world cup no excuses for us not get the second goal and and the lease the point out of the game us coach bruce arena perhaps the worst loss in us soccer history nuggets close out the.

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