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And i'm just standing there in a speedo being like pay attention to me. Look at what is no photo with speedo man at highpoint bar lowest rent character speedo man right. Everybody loves spongebob. Everybody loves harley quinn bid. i mentioned this email about this. But i like. I love your speedo game. I think it's so fucking great. And i like i've started like swimming. I joined one of these like It's called masters program. It's basically like a like swim club that meets a couple of times a week and you do a workout together and i was. I was captain in my high school. Swim team where you that's cool. What was your event. I was one hundred breast one hundred fifty and hundred free relays and then a one hundred fifty fly in the medley relay depending on because it was because it was high school. So all the i i couldn't do anything over one hundred yards more or less. I've had to do the two hundred free a few times in just as punishment from the coach. But i never did anything over. I mean i wasn't skinny then either. I was hands down the swimming. Judges called me the linebacker. Because i was bigger than every other guy on every swim team because i was like one hundred eighty five pounds being on this swim team though. They're they're like big dudes. Who are so fucking fast. And that's because it's mostly about technique. It's more about like. How long can you stay in the water. Like how how straight can you make your body in the water. Yeah hydro mean like yeah. There's people of like all body types who were like fucking fast. It's it's cool. It's like a great equaliser. I think well as like without getting into too much personal history. But like that's how i got comfortable in. The water is playing basketball with my friends playing football and soccer with my friends. I got dominated all the time. Because i was overweight but once we're in the pool i wasn't a sweaty. My knees didn't hurt as much and it was like you're it was the equalizer and then it was like that felt so good to me that i got so comfortable in pools and oceans because and this stuff dovetails into fucking the speedo game. I was a t shirt and the pool kid. When i was super young engineer and i felt restricted by it in the water and maybe the official pool t shirt of people our age is like all black. Xl green day scher with the dookie album mart. I distinctly remember one time. My mom brought my t shirt to wear was a white ghostbusters t to go to the freeport center and it was instantly see through and way less flattering than just being shirtless. There's like suction down to my nipples. Looked show braun through my white shirt. People are like.

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